Where are chloe and Balenciaga bags made in?

  1. Sorry i should now this i assume it is somewhere in europe, my friend said she had a friend whom stole some bags from the chinease factories and they are reselling the real thing for much cheaper (i said i wasnt interested as i dont really like them hence i rarely post on either of the sub-frum much prefer lv and hermes) to me they are still fake but she is planning on getting a few, I was thinking baout this yesterday and it doesnt add up I sure that no luxury brand makes their stuff in china and has their workers steal from them hello we are not talking nike or something here? still i need you guys to verify this as i have no real idea (exuse the pun) so tell me her story is fake and i can stop her from buying fake/stollen bags!
  2. People who sell fake bags always use the story of "they are stolen from the real factories" or "they are defective items from the real factory that they throw out, and some of the workmen steal them to sell" blahblahblah.... in other words: Fake. Crime. *puke*..

    I would think big designer companies have better control over their stuff right? and why would they have batches and batches of defective items that they just "throw out"????

    so yeah.. don't fall for it.

    in relation to your question... i think you're right about europe. basically.. the bags are MADE where they are say they are made.
  3. I checked my Chloes and Balenciagas and they are made in Italy so I guess they can't be stolen of a Chinese factory. You're frined should keep her money because she'll buy some worthless fakes.
  4. Is Balenciaga French? or Italian? I always assumed Italian.
  5. thanks guys for your help, i was never into these brands (and i wasnt planning on getting them due to the fishy story) I knew that they were made in europe somewhere im glad i can save or attempt to save my freind from buying a fake (dont know is shes into fakes or not but i have seen her with feregamo) so this should hopefully turn her off lol
  6. i don't know about this whole made in china thing, but one thing i know is lv buying a factory that produce perfect fakes of lv, so that factory will produce a real lv. i guess lvmh's idea to sue all those factories in china will be a never ending business and they decided to but those factories instead.
  7. Wow... can't beat them, buy & convert them:graucho:
  8. cristobal is spanish, but he worked in paris, where the house of balenciaga is located. nicolas ghesquière, the present designer is french. but, i'm not sure where the bbags are actually made.:blink: possibly in italy, where most bags are made. chloes are made in italy. i had to get my handles repaired and it was sent to italy.
  9. bbags say made in italy, so i am assuming italy :smile: the same with chloe's!
  10. Yea, with most consumer goods it says, "made in xxx", but they are actually made in China, and then finished up in "xxx". For luxury brands though, I would definitely think they make it in Europe... but we never know.
  11. celine makes some of its bags in china and so does...uh i forget actually...lol...but there was a big article in the wall street journal a while back about how luxury companies are starting to produce accessories in china to cut production cost to maximize profits...
  12. yes! that is exactly what lvmh has been doing, they will lose a lot of money by suing them, so they decided to but those factories instead so they can produce real lv :roflmfao:
    i read that in an economy magazine about last year, so i don't really believe the whole made in france, made in usa thing. i know that levi's also made some of their series in indonesia adn stated made in somewhere else instead
  13. so, do you think my chloe is being sent some where else? the SA told me it was going to italy. :shocked: