Where are all you Epi Speedy owners???!!

  1. I am in Los Angeles (West LA, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills area), and I've only seen ONE person carrry an epi speedy-- in my ENTIRE LIFE! It was :love: blue :love: and she was at the Century City AMC movie theater.

    I got my Epi this past New Years Eve, and had to call around to 4 different stores around me... because they were all SOLD OUT!!!! I couldn't believe it!!!

    So if were all gone, why haven't I seen them around?! Where are my fellow Epi speedy owners? ;)
  2. i have a blue epi speedy but i've only worn it once! lol

    which color did you get?
  3. I have a black one. I think they're just not as noticable as the mono speedy, but they're definitely out there! :yes:
  4. Red 25. LOVE LOVE LOVE my new purse! :love:
  5. oooh love the new red. i have a new red agenda! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
  6. I have the red 25 & the Mandarin 30, but I'm further south than you. I don't see a lot either, not even when I trek over to SCP. I wonder where all the Epi's are too, I rarely see any.
  7. Forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
  8. Congrats! I have the red 25 - I never see them either!
  9. Here I am! I have the myrtille 25, still adore it like it came yesterday.
  10. I have the new Red speedy 25! I love it! Hope to add more Epi speedys to my collection!
  11. I've got one on the way :nuts: so I guess I'm an official epi speedy owner :yahoo:
  12. I will definitely be getting a speedy in borneo, cannelle, red and white! :p
  13. Red Epi size 30 in Sydney, please
  14. Congrats!

    I have an Epi Speedy 30 in black and have been carrying it for a week now. I haven't seen any around and I work in downtown Pittsburgh, but I'm sure they are out there! Enjoy your new bag!
  15. I feel exactly the same way!! I carry my red 25 all the time and get many compliments. I rarely see epi's out and about - even in Chicago. It is the most durable bag I have ever had and I'm sure I'll buy more epi!