where are all the treninos?

  1. I just bought a trenino online and realized that treninos are pretty darn hard to find! Have you seen any IRL or does anyone have pics of theirs? I'm hoping I'll like mine... it wasnt cheap!!

    I did a search on the forum and could only find bubblesnugs foresta, any others????
  2. i saw an inferno one in the outlet last time i was there, and i think i remember seeing one in bloomies a long time ago, probably when citta was out... i was surprised cuz it was a lot smaller than i thought it was going to be. but then again, some people said the complete opposite!
  3. Length x width it's smaller than a cucciolo.....
  4. i wonder where they are? do they get bought up quickly? or are they just not commonly sold in stores?
  5. I've never seen one IRL I don't think they get many in stock in the first place if they even do get it... I pretty sure that amore didn't have any at any of the places I went to
  6. Yeah, I'ld imagine that a 300 dollar price tag isnt so popular
  7. I've never seen one in the store perhaps they're all at the outlets? :shrugs: I'm guessing maybe they don't make so many of them :confused1:
  8. i got the adios star trenino... i'll take pics when i get it... since it looks like no trenino pics exist!
  9. I'm tempted to get one but I don't know what I'd use it for or how big it is :shrugs:

    that'd be awesome mojito! I have a big laptop and it doesn't fit in most things so I kinda want to get a bag for it... then again I might get a new laptop if I can next yr (looking at what I've spent on tokidoki I could've done that this past quarter :sweatdrop:)
  10. I'm curious as to how big it is too. It reminds me of a lunch box :graucho:
  11. i HAD to laugh when you called me mojito... that's my cats name =)
  12. hahaha I didn't know... what's your name or do you want to be known by a name? We all just call each other by our usernames except I think jeseeka at times :yes:
  13. yeah i know... but it just caught me off guard.

    i have to say the tokidoki money thread just made me feel SUPER guilty about buying the trenino though, EEK!
  14. How much is the Trenino? :confused1: