Where are all the optic bags?

  1. I was looking around in threads and couldnt find any for the optic print. I absolutely LOVE this print!! I only have one small pink hobo but want to get a chocolate brown gallery tote SO BAD... What do you guys have for optic???
  2. i have a swingpack...

    i don't think this line is very popular, but i like it.
  3. Oh I like the optic prints too... Especially the pink and blue that was out a while ago. I regret that I never purchased one. I do have the white optic bumble bee flap (wallet & scarf) and the khaki optic shoulder tote. That tote is sooo easy to use becuse it just seems to fit and match everything! :tup:

    Enjoy your bags!
  4. I love the optic prints. I love the icy blue duffle....from earlier this year.
  5. I love this new optic bag but I heard the optic material isn't as strong and doesn't hold up as well as the regular signature jacquard fabric AND it costs more. This is why I have stayed away....
  6. i have the optic satchel (the one posted above my post..) in khaki/camel and love it!
  7. I really like the optic in pink!

    But it looks like it would attract stains/marks like crazy! xD
  8. I really like the optic. But sadly I don't own any. I really wanted the yellow hobo that was out 2 years ago but I didn't want to deal with the vachetta. And I also wanted something in the lavender that was out spring of 06 but I hated the bumble bee decor. I hope they come out with more colors next spring.
  9. I'm glad Coach has alot of lines, because Optic is the ONE print I detest (with the exception of the metallic clutch I have). Something about it looks fake to me. Although I do like alot of the Chelsea styles just wish they weren't mostly optic.
  10. I dont know what it is about this print that i love... I love it in light blue or the dark blue with black.. And pink but i hate the pink thats sort of metallic.. that looks really like teenager i guess. like something id get at claires lol. Idk, i jus think it looks cheap. I think the only ones i hate is the coach bags with the tiny printed Cs.. idk why i just think they look weird with tiny little Cs.. I love some Big Cs lol. I cant wait to get the optic tote! I really want the diaper bag one, but I cant see myself using it as one lol. Just as my own tote with tons of pockets haha
  11. you're not the only one. i don't love the tiny c's either, although there is a bag at the outlets now i am trying to talk myself out of. it has the little c's but it is a beautiful blue!

  12. Love that tote!!!
  13. Superstar: Is this the one you are referring to?

    Coach Optic Yellow Hobo.jpg Coach Optic Yellow Hobo 2.jpg

    I had it over a year ago and it was very pretty, but waaaaay too big for me. It went to that great auction in the sky and her new owner absolutely loved her. I'm always happy when one of my babies gets a loving home, but I never forget them:crybaby:.
  14. ^^ yup, thats it. I love the color.