Where are all the minis at?

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  1. Hi RM fans..

    I've recently developed an obsession for RM bags and I'm getting ready to buy my first one.. I've never actually seen one in real life since they are hard to come by in Canada.

    Being fairly petite at 5'3 and 110 lbs.. can I pull off the full size bags? I'm thinking that the MAM and Nikki Mini would be better choices for me but they are not easy to find, especially the Nikki!
    To add to the challenge, I prefer the older hardware to the current styles as well as colors. I'm thinking the MAM in a neutral color like gray or stone.. and Nikki in something brighter or a rich brown.

    Any advice for me?

    Thanks gals :smile:
  2. The Mini Nikki isn't currently being produced. It will be coming back, we just don't know yet for which season.

    A lot of stores sell Morning After Mini's. I don't know which ship to Canada. Perhaps one of our Canadian members can help with that.

    On the other hand, a lot of petite girls pull of the full size bag. Maybe you want to look for a store with a good return policy and just try out the larger bag and see what works for you! :smile:
  3. Hey miss_shopalot!! I'm a Vancouverite here... very difficult to find RM!

    All the online stores will ship to us, some for a nominal fee and others will ship for free like they will to the US. For most of them, on the website you can only buy it if you live in the states, so you have to email them to set up the purchase.

    Ebay is also another really good place to look.

    I was really worried about buying the bag without looking at it first, because bags can always turn out so different from what you're expecting!! But as long as you check them out on tPF first, and ask all the questions you have, it usually ends up ok. Good luck!
  4. You would have no problem wearing a MAM, a MA, or any other RM bags for that matter. Sure, the MA is a big bag but it is not huge. None of her bags are huge; they are just roomy enough to accommodate your everyday needs. Choose the MA if you need a bit more of space. I generally use mine when I need to carry snacks or a lunch and a pair of heels (because I hate walking in heels and like to carry a pair for later)
  5. Like i've enabled the other ladies i will mention the same to you.

    I think bigger bags look adorable on small girls! TBH when i first got the MAB, i thought they accidently sent me the MINI because i expected it to be much bigger. However it is very decent sized, and has an enormous amount of space inside to fit EVERYTHING you could possible need. HTH ;)
  6. I think the MAM would be a great choice for you. The MAB would probably be too big for you. I am a couple inches taller than you and under 100 lbs but the MAB looks really big on me and I found it to be heavier too. The MAM is still fairly roomy. I am also a fan of the mini Nikki too (if only i can find it!)

    Do you plan to use the Nikki for an everyday bag? I think then a rich brown would be a good choice. If you like to change your books seasonally a bright bag would probably be a better option. There are some new prefall colors coming out including one in brown so you may want to check that out!

  7. MAM is perfect for me, 5'5. I carry the basics. I have a big wallet, cosmetics, bag, can fit a book and water bottle in there as well with still some space to add more stuff. If you want to fit a sweater, shoes, etc. get the MA.
  8. I carry the MAM- it is the perfect size for me. I tried on the MA at Von Maur but it looked way too big on me. I am 5'4" and 115 lbs. But, I really think it is a matter of personal preference.
  9. I'm 5'7 and I am in love with the Mini.. Some people really like bags on the bigger side though. For me I have a problem when the bag looks empty. kwim? I like to have a bag looked "stuffed" while on my arm so people can appreciate the shape of it. I don't really carry a lot around, just the basics so my bags tend to be on the medium size. It really depends on what you prefer!

    As for the bag itself.. I think you can't go wrong with the Morning After style, especially for a first bag. The Nikki's are beautiful too but I just think the Morning After style is a style that works for just about everyone.

    Good luck!
  10. One more thing- Having said what I said above about liking bags on the medium side I'd like to let you know that I did purchase a Mini Nikki a while back and when I finally got it it was too small for me. This is just MY opinion and I know tons of girls here have the bag and love it but for me it was just a tad too small , and it's rare that a bag is too small for me as it's usually the other way around.
  11. littlerock would you happen to have a pic of your mini? I would love to see someone wearing a mini nikki
  12. ^^ i would love to see someone modeling the mini Nikki as well.
    I'm a bit concerned that the Nikki might be a little too big, but i do prefer my bags to be on the bigger side. I think overstuffed bags are strange looking to carry.. IMO. I am also not really on the petit side (broad shoulders, wide frame) so a mini RM bag might not suit me very well. I must say though.. that MAM is pretty tempting..
  13. I have seen both IRL and they are both roomy and beautiful on smaller frames.
  14. MINI NIKKI COMING BACK IN JUNE :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: