Where are all the ladies that were getting Miroirs today?

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  1. Refering to all the ladies who posted in this thread


    that they are picking up their Miroirs today.. SHOW US!! I'm not getting mine until later as a friend in the US is buying it for me and sending it... So within 2 weeks it should be here (silver speedy) So all the lucky girls who posted they are picking it up today, please share your pictures so I can drool over them until it's my time :wlae:
  2. Mine will not arrive until Monday!!! (its being shipped) I can not wait. Im also READY to see this on some of our Pfers!!! SHOW US!!!!
  3. show me the Gold~~~~~~~~~~~~
  4. I'm in the same position as you habibty, I'll be lucky if I get it before christmas, that is if I get it at all. I would love to see all the pretty pictures to tide me over :girlsigh:
  5. I think posts will be coming in later tonight :yes: It's still morning here in California (the malls have just opened up) and if I remember correctly, 3-4 of the ladies who are picking up these bags are located here.
  6. ^I am hoping to pick mine up in an hour or so...
  7. cannot wait cannot wait
  8. I'm getting out of work early to get mine :yes: at SoHo. I'll try and take pix the second I get home or to the office :yahoo:
  9. I go pick mine up tonight (Silver)! So excited!!!!
  10. Waiting for my phone call. Should be any minute now.
  11. I saw the paps today in silver and gold sitting behind the store window... they do look quite flashy to me... there seems to be no waiting list here.
  12. I'm on the scavenger list ... if there are any left over I asked the SA to call me! Maybe I'll get lucky!
  13. Can't wait to see all the miroir pics when I get home from work! :nuts:
  14. As of this morning, the store at KOP said they hadn't received ANY yet. But they kept saying not to worry, that I will get one when it comes in. The Saks store said they have only received 1 bag so far. I'm flying to Philly on saturday, so hopefully I'll get my bag while I'm there.
  15. I just picked up my silver papillon up about an hour ago! I will post pictures when I get home!!!