Where are all the golden brass pochette extenders?

  1. I can't find them on eLux or Louisvuitton.com!! There are a couple on eBay that I just missed getting. Any chance they will come back in stock? I'm scared of going to the boutique just to buy that-- I've never been to one and scared they will be mean to me!!! :shrugs:

    Also-- why no Damier Speedys on either site? I'm going crazy!! :sweatdrop:
  2. It's there with all of the other key chains.
  3. No, I know, but they only have the silver in stock and I have never seen a gold one on either website!
  4. oops... I meant to put this in the Shopping section! Mods, you can move or close if you want. I'm just frustrated that these are so hard to find!!!
  5. Haha,

    I made a post about this a few days ago.

    I went and bought 3.

    A Cles is not a Cles without some keychains. These things are seriously cool.
  6. Where did you buy them?
  7. Also, make sure you check for them by name, the Bolt Key Holder.
  8. ^^Yes, thanks.... I still can't find any, nor my Damier Speedy. I guess it's just Christmas time and they're sold out? :crybaby:
  9. Weird...only the palladium ones are available. But yeah you're probably right, I think it's just because of the holidays.
  10. I got another key chain that can be used as a pochette extender. It's $115. You can check it out at vuitton.com and type "key chain" in a search box. It's longer, but looks much better.
  11. if you really want one, i'd just go into the LV boutique..unless there is a really rude SA there i doubt they we will be rude to you if u just want to buy a pochette extender! i've spent like an hour in LV boutiques, asking SAs to look at this bag and that, and never bought anything in the end, and everyone was pretty nice (and i'm no big customer or anything, have only bought very few items from LV store).

    if u don't want to do that, i think let-trade is selling a used brass pochette extender for $75, on their website.

    another option would be to just use something else as an extender, such as the Juicy Couture start bracelet ($35, can get at Nordstroms or online)... it's quite a big longer but it's also cute-looking too.