Where are All the coin purses hidding?

  1. I want one so bad but I can not find any on eBay.
  2. I had a couple on but they sold in minutes....
  3. Oh, Donna I thought you were going to email me since I was interested. Well, I'm glad you sold them.
  4. I got mine from Barneys, NY - a grenat. they had others 275 + tx
  5. I normally don't buy from overseas because I hate paying customs! But thanks for letting me know.:yes:
  6. I keep waiting and watching for a pink one to come up on e-bay. I don't care which pink-bubblegum,magenta,metallic....
  7. sweetie, they sold sold fast I didnt have a chance to let anyone know. You were interested and so was one other girl.
  8. DAMN! that red one is hot! But I'm not a fan of eBay..
  9. I was at Barneys New York/Copley Place (Boston) yesterday, and there were TONS of the Mini [Coin] Purses in both the '06 and '07 colors:
    • Vert Gazon ('07 Spring)
    • Bleu de France ('07 Spring)
    • Rouge Vif ('06 Fall/Winter)
    • Natural ('07 Spring)
    That's just a small sampling; they really had a lot of these. They also had quite a few Compagnon's (Wallets) in some of the same colors (the Bleu de France and Vert Gazon really had me thinking!!!).
  10. off topic...but i wish they would make coin purses smaller, so i could actually use it to put coins in!
  11. I saw a beautiful olive green mini purse (coin pouch) yesterday. PM me if you'd like to know where.
  12. Yay! Thanks Ceejay, I just scored myself a RV coin purse. It's shipping on Mon. :nuts:
  13. I don't want to be the police or anything, but I don't think we can post links to eBay auctions.