Where are all of these allergies coming from?

  1. I was reading in the newspaper today that Pregnant women should refrain from eating dairy, nuts, and wheat products to prevent food allergies that could develop in their children.

    Now, this was one of those "trash" newspapers that you can't really take too seriously, but it got me to thinking.

    Where in the world are all of these food-allergies coming from? When I was in Elementary school (1990 - 1996, not THAT long ago) we didn't have a peanut-free, milk-free, or wheat-free table in our cafeteria. It was never an issue what the mom's & dad's would bring in for parties...Nobody in any of my classes had bad enough of an allergy that would make parents refrain from bringing in certain foods.

    I asked my mom about her eating habits when she was pregnant with me, and she said she ate whatever she wanted: fish, nuts, ice cream, bread, etc. Pretty much everything that is somewhat considered a "nono" food now.

    When I babysat, one of the boys had a milk, wheat and egg allergy. ...You can pretty much imagine what the fridge contents looked like :yucky:

    I worked at an elementary school in their afterschool program and we were located in the cafegymatorium and one day when I was walking around putting down tables, I noticed a wall with a sign that said "peanut-free wall"...There were so many kids with peanut allergies that they had to dedicate a whole wall to it! I'm sorry, this just shocks me :wtf:

    Anybody know anything about this and what's causing all of these kids to become alergic?
  2. I have heard this (my Mom is an elemantary school nurse and says a lot of the stuff you mentioned) I think it's b/c of all of the nasty hormones and chemicals that are put into our foods nowadays in general.:shrugs: