Where are all of our H lovers from?

  1. hey! is everyone here from the States?
    or simply where are you based?
  2. I am from Vancouver, Canada!
  3. I´m from Finland
  4. hi checkmate
    been to Vancouver a few times, there is 1 at Holt Renfrew and 1 at a Hotel (that i dont even recall the name). is it easy or hard to get hold of Birkin there?
  5. Singapore ;)
  6. U.k
  7. I'm from Singapore.
  8. Los Angeles, CA

    mok dong
    South Korea
  9. West Bloomfield, Michigan here!!!
  10. Hurray for CALIFORNIA!
  11. UK *waves from over the Pond*
  12. Ohio, U.S. here!

    Edit: born in California though :smile:
  13. Born in Russia. Now live in Toronto, Canada.
  14. I'm new here and I'm from Toronto.

    Hi Irene, my fellow Torontonian.
  15. HI!!! *waves*