Where are all my Kooba lovers at?

  1. LOL...this board has been slow lately...holidays or something? LOL
  2. Hee-hee I'm here! I guess we are patiently waiting for some styles we like to come out.
    I really like that Pamela and Katy has caught my eye. Does anyone else see a bag and say to yourself "Oh my, that is so fugly, I would never buy that" but alas 1-2 months later suddenly it catches your eye again and the hunt is on?! I have done that several times. Sloan was one, Claudia the other. I'm sure there have been more I just can't remember right now. So fickle the purse addict can be......:s
  3. Hey LKB! I've been around too, just not as much as usual. I've been busy at work with the holidays and all. I'm also lying in wait for Kooba to come out with something spectacular... There were a couple of bags in the fall line that I thought were so-so, but nothing that really blew me away. I haven't given up on Kooba yet, though I'll admit my passion is waning. :cry:

    posk, I do that ALL the time. In fact, I didn't like any of the RM bags at first - and now I find myself searching eBay three times a day for a deal on an RM MAM or Matinee. I always seem to be a little behind the crowd. LOL...
  4. I'm seriously almost off Kooba. I do have some of the older Koobas that I will never get rid of but if all you can talk about is a Designers "old" bags then something is wrong. I tried many Spring bags and only kept an Elisha (which I adore). The Falll bags were so bad IMO. But I am going to try one or two Spring 08 bags and see if there is a shred of hope left. If not I'll continue what I have been doing...looking into other Designers. I'm getting a thrill out of Botkier and seeing each season coming out with new and interesting styles. I've bought some Legacy Coaches that has awesome leather and I'm saving for a New Spring Gryson.
  5. KL--I did the same with the RM bags! Thought 'oh gawd that MA bag is soooo old lady who does lunch' but now, I too prowl eBay for the deals. A MAM went last week for a great price, I guess that wasn't you :sad:

  6. Posk, I think lots of us are frankly under-whelmed with Kooba's latest offerings. I love many of the older styles, but I own the ones I want and nothing new is tempting me, except the over-sized Heidi clutch.
  7. Not doing much in terms of Koobas. I'm actually kind of sad about the whole thing. I feel like I'm coveting a "has been" company. I went to Nordstroms about 2 weeks ago - around the time of Xmas shopping - with hubby. I had always anticipated peaking my head into the handbags department to see THEE coveted Kooba bags that I'm always seeing online and I found myself incredibly drawn to OTHER designers....oh my, there was a Marc Jacobs that I just fell in love with....a couple of Miu Mius but they were a little too pricey for me, and everywhere I went in that department there were many many designs I loved. Even the Biasa bags - some of those were beautiful. Then I hit the Kooba area. Once taking up several free-standing glass shelves, plus a nice separated cabinet, they were relegated to two small shelves on the BOTTOM of several other designers sharing the same space. I saw horrible mirrored totes and some strange bag that literally resembled a closed crab claw and to get into the bag, you had to open the closed claw which was the WHOLE purse in and of itself..... It was HORRIBLE. I was HORRIFIED......:sad:
    I couldn't get over it - what had happened to this glorious maker? They must have changed designers. There's no two ways about it. Sort of like the whole Fiore / Lockheart situation. I wonder if I wrote Kooba and said "WTF" if I'd even get any semblance of an answer........or clue......:crybaby: I think the only one that I really would consider nabbing would be a gunmetal Natasha....
  8. I'm still here, but it's hard to find anything positive to say on this forum, when there are other designer bags that are so much nicer than Kooba's current offering. Yes, I could go on and on about how I love the older Kooba styles, but there's a time you have to let go and focus on the new collection, but they're really not very inspiring and don't have the 'wow' factor, so it's hard to know what to say. I too think Kooba is going down the pan and (harsh words I know) but since their customer service is consistently bad, it's probably fair to say it's a brand that doesn't deserve huge success. Customers need after sales service and not just before or during a sale transaction. I wish they'd buck up and improve their customer service and also come up with some fab bags. We miss fantastic, good quality Koobas.
  9. I really have all the Koobas I want right now. I didn't think the Fall season was a total loss - I love my suede Devin, and I have a new Katy that I haven't used yet, but really like. But other than that, there really isn't anything I just have to have. I'm waiting to see what Spring/Summer brings.
  10. I'm here as well, but usually just check in to see if there's any chit-chat. I still have a couple Kooba's, but since nothing has enticed me from them lately, I've moved on to other brands. As well, I haven't given up hope, maybe the spring line will bring something new and exciting!
  11. I still own 5 Koobas and carry them in my bag rotation but all are '06 designs. I haven't seen anything new that I must have, maybe Spring intros will change that, time will tell.

    I come to this sub forum for the women here, not the bags. You guys are the reason this place rocks.
  12. I hear you...keep checking back...and keep praying for them to bring back the Marcelle's ... LOL
  13. Well.......it's been a very long time, but I am still here, too! I have been very busy lately designing jewelry and getting myself out there in boutiques across the country. It's been a lot of fun and hard work. But I still love this forum and return more often now than I have done since September just to see what has been happening. Love, love, love my Sienna and love, love love my Jessie, and if a Marcelle ever shows up that I can personally fondle at a Nordie's or Off Fifth......I'll be there to snatch it up!
  14. I'm here also. But I havnet had much interest in any of the new Koobas. I have 5 koobas still but most are the older ones. My Natasha in Ink is the newest one that I have . Would love to see pictures of anyone with a gunmeatal Natasha. I have gone to other designers lately, until Kooba comes out with something better than what they have had lately I think my Kooba thrills are over. Lets hope Spring will have something fantastic, although I rather doubt it. Hugs to all my Kooba friends!
  15. I'm still here too.......I miss all the chatter ladies (Shewolfy...where are you?)
    I actually got 3 Koobas for Christmas from my wonderful, thoughtful BF
    YES A SILVER LUCY!! and also a raisin Sienna, and a sand Ada which I love....I share others feelings about the new Koobas. My only new Kooba purchase was a Linda in that Cuio color. (however the heck you spell it)

    I also have migrated a bit, Gryson Tate, Skye, and Rachel and a Botkier Bianca.......I can't believe when I just get into Koobas there are no new knock your socks off styles. Guess I'll continue the hunt for Lucy's, Marcelle's, and some of the wonderful older styles.
    BTW Joelle, or anyone else that has a metallic.......have you ever used Wilson's leather protector on your silver or a metallic Lucy? Just want to check first....

    Anyway....I miss all the chatter, but I glad to see you wonderful ladies are still around!! Happy New Year to all.