Where and when is this Sample sale?

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  1. from the L.A.M.B Deals on eBay or other retailer thread

    Hi, I've been reading about people buying their LAMB bags at the sample sale, but where and when is it actually? :shrugs:
  2. lol it's in NY. So far it's been twice a year there, one in june and one in november I think. Everything is super cheap and they have rare/unreleased bags. Last time wallets were like 50-60 i think and the biggest purses (which are usually like 700) were like 200-250 if I remember correctly. I can look up exact prices if you like. Also I can look up the website that it's posted on if you want more info
  3. That sux, I live in CA.
  4. i have to go in june. like for 100% sure i am going. i can't wait.
  5. ^^Same here I will be there this time...for sure.
  6. can you please post the website? thanks!

  7. it might not be at the same place next time is the thing..
  8. Yeah maybe not but we'll find out where it is when it happens. It should be in NY everytime though because that's where lamb headquarters is.
  9. yes I know this very well, hehe. :shame:
  10. ^^^all the NY lambies are gonna be on the next sale
  11. Those of us in Ohio are outta luck! :sad:
  12. ^^ I hear ya! Sooo depressing, and even better... we just got 8 inches of snow! YAY!!! (is my sarcasm obvious?)
  13. K- we didn't get that much here, but it was enough to be a pain in the arse! I think about 4 inches or so. School was closed for the day so of course my son and his buddy is here. Haven't heard much out of them til now- they sound like they are having fun- maybe a bit too much. Time to get them out in the snow????!!!!!
    If we have to go anywhere- no biggie- we have a 4x4!! My car is kinda on the fritz- new water pump and thermostat, got the pump but the new thermo was bad so we have to take it back. Ugh!
  14. Ohio is closer than Oregon though lol....you're within driving distance, right?