WHERE and HOW do you store your cosmetics and make-up?

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  1. After cleaning the bath today I thought I had to store my cosmetics and make-up where I could reach and see them...

    What about you? Where and how do you store them?
  2. In a train case.
  3. I have little baskets that I keep my makeup in. One for eye stuff, one for lips.
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    I keep most of my makeup in train cases in my bedroom. Stuff I use every day I keep in a medium size cosmetic case in my bathroom.
  5. in a train case that is put on the floor of my bathroom or on top of my vanity
  6. I keep all my skincare stuff in a little basket on my bathroom counter. My makeup is stored in a traincase in my bedroom.

    My traincase is actually too small now; I've acquired way too many beauty products. :lol: I want to get one of those small plastic three-drawer set (you can get it at Target or Walmart) that you can sit on a tabletop or counter. That'll totally fit all my stuff, plus it's clear so I can see what's inside.
  7. I bought myself the midnight traincase from sephora yesterday to replace my WAY overstuffed little one from target. I've been wanting to get this case for ages and finally decided to treat myself!
  8. I keep my makeup in a train case, usually in the bathroom or bedroom.
  9. I carry my daily-use makeup in a Clinique GWP bag. The rest I keep in a silver, medium sized Caboodles case inside my closet.
  10. The stuff I use regularly (or fairly regularly) is in a Clinique makeup bag; other stuff are in Bare Minerals boxes/kits.
  11. I have a Victoria Secret make-up bag... everything I need is in there.
  12. I keep mine in a basket in my bathroom or on top of my vanity. Works great!
  13. Train case and a "high rotation" drawer. Keep my nail polish in the fridge to prevent separation.