Where and how do you store your COACH?


May Alight Upon You
Sep 22, 2006
Roanoke, VA
I store mine in the dustbag and then in a big tupperware tub. I'd like to find some kind of shelf or something for them once we get a house. (Hopefully by March)

How do you store them?

How about accessories?

Right now, I have a tupperware drawer unit with accessories (and in dustbag if avail)

Show pictures if available!!



Handbag addict
Sep 5, 2006
New Jersey/New York City
I don't have any pics but we have a small closet in our heated attic. It is too small to store anything so it is my purse closet. There are shelves on both sides. I buy acid free paper and stuff my bags with it to maintain their shape. I then keep each bg in a dust bag. In order to know what bag is what I tape a pic of the bag to the outside of the dustbag. They are stored sideways so I can see what bag is what.

As for accessories, i have made my own dustbags for those. and do the same as above. the dustbags I have made are badly sewn (since I can't sew) but it holds all of my stuff and that is what matters. :smile:


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Sep 12, 2006
Right now I have my bags in their dustbags in my drawer, I also have my accessories I have them in the tiny little white dustbags that cleaner/moisturiser comes in.

FYI to girls who store them in boxes: Don't! If you do, take them out of their boxes every month or so to "air them out" and moisturize the ones you can. The boxes don't allow the bags to breathe and they tend to dry them out.


Jun 6, 2006
Harrisburg, PA
I have a drawer unit from the Container Store (the Elfa line) that has 2 size "3" drawers and 1 size "1" drawer. I bought the mesh wire ones. I keep all the bags in the two bigger size "3" drawers. I let the dustbags sit over the top of them (until the dot line came out in the boutiques I'd bought exclusively at outlets or 2nd hand shops....so I don't have a dustbag for everything). The smaller size "1" drawer contains all my accessories (wristlets, wallets, scarves, belts, keyfobs, sunglasses). Most of that stuff I do have a dustbag...so a lot of it is in the mini dustbags in that drawer.

Container Store mesh drawers


Certified bag addict
Mar 31, 2006
Thanks for the tip, Sprinkles. I just put my bags in their dustbags, and I have a large wrap around(it's a walkin closet)closet shelf that I put them on.


Jan 9, 2006
Staten Island, New York
Mine are in their dustbags, I try to put the same style of bag in the same dustbag because I don't have many dustbags, and it helps me to be sort of organized. And the accessories are tucked inside of their matching bags, and my belt is in a drawer, and my sunglasses chill in my bag 'cause I have perscription lenses and I wear them every day. And the bags in a open cardboard box.


cat hoarder
Aug 23, 2006
Dust bags, on a shelf. I tend to store the accessories inside the bag if they match, otherwise just laying on the shelf with the purses.


T&co state of mind..
Nov 11, 2005
west coast envy
I'm HORRIBLE. I have one of those sweater shelves that zip up at the end of my closet, and a shelf over the rod that holds most of my books. Between the two I have a steel bin that I keep my accessories in in either a box or the dust bag. I don't have a lot, one for each use. So it works out. The main bag I use (currently my longchamp tote) hangs on a hook on my door. I'm selling my bags and other accessories and restarting, so At the moment they are stored and divided to how I'm going to sell them


Jun 28, 2006
At the beach
I store mine in their dust bags and put them on the top shelf in my walk in closet. Some of them are stored in boxes and dust bags. I usually stuff the bag so that it keeps it's shape.

I tend to keep the accessories in the bag that I use them with. I do have one dust bag that I have miscellaneous accessories in it.


T&co state of mind..
Nov 11, 2005
west coast envy
LOL okay now I did some rearranging, I'm basically keeping a burberry cross body, lesportsac hobo messenger, and longchamp tote that are currently hanging on my over door hooks, and then accessories wise, my coach accessories like agenda and key fob, wristlet, and my versace wallet in a basket hanging on my bedroom doorknob, or hanging on smaller hooks if they only come in a dust bag, if they're in a box then in the basket. I'm so sad, I finally used my little apple purse and now I made the executive decision to sell, this is KILLING ME LOL! Hopefully LOL the chanel won't sell.. Wouldn't mind keeping that. But everything that's going is in storage in an open box to breath, but in their dust bags. So hopefully with all this selling, 2007 will bring around more bags! I'm thinking the valentine chanel small hobo to start of my new collection..:love: Just gotta keep my eye on the prize!