Where 2 get Chanel Paris-Monte Carlo bag?

  1. Hey guys,
    I saw this Chanel Paris-Monte Carlo collection bag with metallic goat and lambskin on Elle magazine October edition.. and I am wondering where can I get it.. since in the magazine itself it says that we can find it on the selected Saks fifth avenue but i cant find it anywhere online that says its there. Anyone have any clue? I heard that some Saks carry Chanel bags but i want the one particualr shop that carry this bag. Thank you :smile:
  2. The black pearl Reissue which is part of the Paris / Monte Carlo collection is available at NM Beverly Hills 310 550 5900 you could ask about other bags in the collection and see what they have. Good luck.
  3. Thank you! I'll try to call them tomorrow then.. and I hope they have the bag I wanted before :smile:
  4. I checked the store already.. they don't carry monte carlo at all... any idea? is it possible that the chanel boutique has it?