When's the next Saks sale?

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  1. I have my eye on this suit which I will feel very foolish buying if it gets reduced like 2 weeks after I buy it.

    I just can't remember if their sale starts in October or November.
  2. I think friends and family is coming up around the 19th of this month.:yahoo:
  3. Can someone post a f&f coupon if they have one? Thanks!!
  4. I haven't received a mailing yet, but that's what my SA told me! I will post when I get it!
  5. :biggrin: Thanks!!
  6. How much is a F&f coupon for?

  7. the friends and family discount is usually 20 percent or 30 percent off most everything that usually goes on sale.

    i usually receive calls from my sales associate to do a pre-sale a week before the actual sale. i'll keep you ladies posted!
  8. Sorry, if this is a silly question -but are the Friends and Family also valid online? Or in store purchases only?

    I have my eyes on this bag!
  9. Many thanks, exactly the info I am looking for! Will wait until the presale.
  10. Hi, the friends and family sale do you have to have a coupon to take to the store? Is this something that is printable?
  11. i'm sure some sales associates will give you a coupon if you ask about the friends and family. otherwise if you already have a sales associate, they should automatically call you or tell you.
  12. I have no sales ass.. I dont even have a Saks near me. Shelley you need to steal me a coupon lol
  13. The discount is 20% and there are always things that are exempt -- will have more info next week.
  14. There's often a code on the back of the coupons in fine print for the online code.
  15. can some one send me a link for the coupon when it comes out?
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