When's the last day I can leave feedback for an item won on Nov. 10?

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  1. I want to leave a negative for a really bad experience, but I don't want retaliatory feedback (I did my end and paid) because she sent me disgusting baby clothes she advertised as new. I want to protect other buyers/mothers, because she's still selling and it looks like she's still lying in her auctions. I'm pretty sure she uses the threat of retaliatory feedback to keep unsatisfied buyers from leaving truthful negatives. (she's threatened me with it 2x)

    I know it's about 60 days, but how do they factor that? Is it on the 10th of Feb (two months later) or is is 60 calendar days exactly? When is the cutoff? Can I leave feedback at a little before midnight?

    Also, because you guys are experts- we can still respond to feedback even after the 60 days, right?
  2. Feedback can be left after 90 days, not 60. (I am 90% sure on that)
  3. Oh darn. I think I meant 90. Based on a physical count, the 90 days ends this Saturday. Should I wait till then? Has anyone done what I'm trying to do before?
  4. Wish I could be of more help... I've never run into this situation before... sorry!
  5. The time is always approximate. So it's approx. 90 days. Sometimes it's 91 and sometimes 95 days. This is eBay's way of preventing exactly what you're doing, leaving a feedback at the last second to avoid a response.
  6. Should I just let it go then? I'm just worried because it's baby items... I can imagine her selling items that are broken/unsanitary/NOT ok to other unsuspecting moms.

    I think I'm just going to go ahead and leave feedback, and take the retaliation. The nerve of some sellers just astounds me... she is outright lying in her auctions. As a buyer, I shouldn't have to have my reputation ruined because of her dishonesty.

    I can't wait for the new system to take effect. Until then, I'm boycotting eBay.
  7. Have you contacted your seller with your concerns?
  8. I did, and she was rude about it and said that "brand new" was the same as "like new." The items were stained (with poo), covered in cat hair, and in really gross condition. A claim was decided in my favor, but she also sent me the retaliatory feedback threats twice, which made me hesitate to leave her feedback.
  9. Oh yeah... I also sell small household items on eBay, and I have a 100% rating right now, and I just don't want this to bring down my reputation... especially since it's not my fault. Know what I mean?
  10. Haha... sorry for the 3 posts in a row, but I just had a holy sh** moment. I was reading about the dancing*in*my*manolos fiasco and saw that she was from Norman, Oklahoma. The exact same city as the person I'm dealing with now!! What are the odds of that? Norman, OK doesn't seem like a big town to me. Two different seller IDs though.
  11. Ok, it's 90 days BUT if you have the auction number you can in fact leave feedback months later. I have done this myself! Now with the new feedback changes on eBay I don't know if you will still be able to do this but then again I read something saying that some of the feedback changes aren't coming into effect until the 5th May
  12. If you're afraid of retaliatory, get your evidence ready (pictures, etc), and when she leaves retaliatory feedback, reply to her feedback and say "retaliatory feedback from seller, sold me soiled baby clothes" or something and send your evidence over to square trade to help get the retaliatory removed. It shouldn't affect your sales because sellers don't usually care about your feedback received as a buyer, but you may decide it's not worth pursuing. =( I wish there was an easier way.
  13. That sounds absolutely disgusting. I can't believe you didn't open a dispute! I guess it's too late now, but she deserves negative feedback if you received poo-stained items.


  14. :yucky: