When's the jewelry coming out?

  1. Sorry if this has already been asked/answered - but can anyone tell me when the new jewelry I've heard talk of here will be hitting the stores/website? Sounds super cute and I'm wondering how long it will be till it's out!
  2. Last time I heard it was mid October. So, hopefully it will be up on the website in a couple of weeks.
  3. I haven't heard about this, what kind of jewelry? like logo-ish or more fine jewelry?
  4. mid-october for legacy rooms (hopefully it will be online but last i checked the amount was pretty low in our distribution center so =/)

    november 16th for most stores, and that would only be the bangles.

    the bangle's are etched with C's, mini ones, all over and they are either sterling silver or gold plated, and they come with colors like mahogony, sky (blue), red, etc. in the C's over the silver or the gold. there is silver on silver but i've yet to see gold on gold. they're in 3/4", 1", 1/2" and 1 1/2".

    there's also a charm bracelet with matching necklace that has circular charms hanging off of it, those are in gold, and the charms have c's on it as well.

    there's also two types of necklaces either leather or rubber string necklaces with three charms hanging off of it, like the hang tag, whistles, circular charm with c's, locket, etc.

    and earrings of course, in shape of C like, with studs running along the edge of the C, in small and large size. gold and silver available.
  5. what about general prices...?
  6. Ooooh studs?!
  7. My half inch bracelet was $98 think...
  8. I'm glad they are bringing jewelry back. They carried it about 4-5 years ago.
  9. ooh - ms whitney, are you able to post pics? or are these in a catalog that I can see? Sounds like perfect xmas gifts~!
  10. The bracelets are pictured in the floorset thread.
  11. i am now that someone else shared it! (i was only worried that i'm showing something that isn't suppose to be out yet but someone else got a hold of it...so :smile:)

    here are some jewelry pics and more!

    the model is wearing one of those necklaces (2) that has three charms hanging off of it and her wristlet shows bracelets that we have for sale, all of them are unless you get a up close look as see one that has tiny stones touching each other side by side making up a bangle, and the stones are in different colors, that one coach isn't selling (as far as i know)

    here's a up close pic

    and here's two of the bangles

    upclose of the necklace with three charms, and the charm necklace under it
  12. sorry about the crappy quality, i was too lazy so i set my camera's picture size at 680 by 480 so when i upload it i don't have to resize, not to mention these were taken with the micro lens and i'm an amatuer? =X

    here's another pic of the necklace with three charms off it.


    i WISH they had pictures of the earrings b/c they're super cute but there is none, not even the models are wearing it =p

    scarf i want
    the 998$ watch that someone else mentioned, it's genuine croc leather
    mink pompom i want, i wish it came in black though, or some other color too.
  13. Is that the ponytail scarf or the Legacy Stripe?
  14. Thanks for posting the pics - I love it all! Are they going to have anymore of the striped pony tail scarves? I just got the clearance from dh to get mine and they are all sold out!!
  15. I love them. I can't wait to get them.