when's a good time to go to the outlet?

  1. hey, just wondering if right now is a good time to make a trip to the outlets...or at what times of the year in particular can great deals and items be found?

    i'm not sure if i want to make the drive if no one has been finding anything great there.

    i plan on going to the lahaska, pa one, but any and all feedback about the outlets in general at this time of the year would be great! :tup:
  2. I went on Saturday. They had a lot of stuff 30 and 40 % off. There were a few ergos, lots of small bleeker flaps and zip tops. Tons of red signature flap and hobos for 30% off. I wish I could go everyday :biggrin: This was the one in Riverhead NY
  3. The SA at the oulet near us..in CA, said to check in the last week of the month that is when they get their inventory. Hopefully I'll get to go in the next few days!!
  4. I'd heard that the last week of the month or the 1st week of the month would be the best time to visit the Outlets because that's when they typically get their large inventory shipped from the Boutiques or JAX. I'm sure they still get shipments throughout the month though so I'd visit them as often as possible since you never know what you might miss out on! *lol*
  5. ^^This is true...and also a good time to go is around holidays, like 4th of July, MKL, Pres day etc. They always have additional sales around the 'minor' holidays.
  6. I agree with going toward the beginning of the month - I went the second weekend in January and they had a ton of stuff!