Whenever sell, I become obsessed!

Sep 30, 2007
I mostly sell on craigslist, but I'm wanting to sell more quickly (and reliably) since I'm trying to raise funds (recuperate costs) for all the lawyer fees we have to pay for that stupid OWI with the 0.00 breathalyzer test.

Anyway, I listed 46 items yesterday (and I still have more to put up) and now I'm obsessed. Even though the auction runs for a week, I'm checking constantly to see how many watchers, are there any bids, is there any BIN stuff going on. In my "head" I've tabulated how much I "should" make if i get minimum bids, but I also know sometimes great items (quite often actually) go by with ZERO bids... I mean really, how many times do I need to check - once a day probably, but I'm checking hourly! Gack!

That's what I like about craigslist - you can't "spy" on the item, but ebay has me constantly lurking! of course, that's also dangerous, because then I start poking my head around ebay and find OTHER things I like! Ugh!

Am I the only one?


Oct 1, 2007
HAHAH I'm JUST like you!!! I literally check my account every other minute to see if I have any new watchers or any new bids. It's like a game to me, and even though I know that just b/c I check more doesn't mean I'll win more for some reason I just can't help myself!!!

You are definitely NOT the only one. (And in a weird way I'm glad to have found somebody out there like me...I was worried I had a problem.) :P


Mar 23, 2007
No I stalk my eBay as well. My boyfriend gets annoyed because he'll be on teh computer and I'll be like "Can you check My Ebay?" LOL I want to see if I have any more watchers/bids.

And when it's ending time... Ohhhh I better be there! LOL


over the moon
Aug 8, 2007
hah, you're not the only one!! ::smile: i've only sold one item on ebay (an LV bag) but when i did i CONSTANTLY was checking how many bidders, # of watchers, etc. it was maddening!! when someone finally clicked BIN it was like hallelujah..i can stop obsessing now LOL :smile:
Sep 30, 2007
What kills me with watching is seeing the person who didn't want to pay the BIN price (trying to get it cheap) ending up paying MORE than the BIN price because that option disappears... I always snicker!

I've come to realize though that # of watchers means NOTHING because people watch for so many reasons. I had 30 watchers for some Halloween item and only one person bid at the last minute.

I've never done a full week auction either - usually 5 days, so this might kill me!


The Cut N Curl Girl
Apr 25, 2007
Sometimes when I am spending too much money on eBay, I list items for sale because it's just as exciting to watch my sales as it is to stalk the items I want to buy!!! That way I keep myself highly entertained without spending any money and if I actually MAKE some money...that's all the better!!