When "You're so skinny!" is an insult

  1. I don't usually post, but I've been following the diet and fitness forum for a little while and came across this in the new issue of Glamour. Since I know we're all constantly being inundated with images of what constitutes the female ideal I know that we can often fall prey to a very unrealistic (and unhealthy) view of what we are supposed to weigh or look like. I think this article is an interesting way of putting things into perspective. I hope you girls enjoy it as much as I did.

  2. Hi angelina! Thanks for posting the article; unfortunately, I couldn't read it, because it was too small on my screen (did anyone else have this problem?).

    In her youth, my mum was always naturally thin, until she was forced, by peer pressure and insults, to take a weight gain supplement.

    It 'worked', but it meant that from then on, she was in the same boat as most of the rest of us; in that she had to watch what and how much she ate, in order to not gain weight.

    She was obsessed with dieting and calories and brought me up on a permanent diet, to keep my weight down.

    My mother died of cancer, 10 years ago and unfortunately, it took that for her to finally realise that skinnier isn't always better.
  3. sorry! if you hover over the pic when it pops up there's a little box that will appear with four arrows pointing in different directions. if you click on that, the article opens to normal size. i hope it works. it's a great article!
  4. Thanks angelina! I'll give it a go! :biggrin:
  5. Yep. Well, that just about says it all, doesn't it?! At least the writer has a healthy attitude regarding her weight, which is more than you can say about her 'friends'. :wacko:

    I think the problem is that, as girls, we are brought up to believe that we should try to please others, rather than ourselves (well I certainly was! Thanks, mum! :biggrin: ) and for most of the last (at least) 40 years, 'pleasing others' appears to have included starving ourselves to become unnaturally thin. :huh:

    I vote that we start pleasing ourselves, at least regarding our own nutrition, from now on. ;)
  6. Her friends and sister are sick... Poor girl had a life threatening condition and all they could think about was how she should be pleased to be getting thin?
  7. Thanks for posting the article, very interesting! We need to read something like that every now and then to keep a healthy perspective.. I was really shocked by the reactions she got from her "friends".
  8. the only person i ever will comment on being tiny/petite is my sil and that's only bcuz when we did her measurements for my wedding last yr she had a 23 inch waist, which then had to be taken in

    and she knows my sentiments are in good fun w/o malice
  9. Te way some people view skinniness is insane and ridiculous. She was SICK, it is not like she lost weight from working out or something. And everyone was giving her a pat on the back and telling her good job?! People really intrigue me... their antics that is
  10. I thought this was especially interesting because i remember reading an interview with Lindsay Lohan where she talked about all the wieght she lost in the hospital last year and the pressure felt to stay so thin because everyone around her was telling her how great she looked. It says a lot about people's priorities. It's like who cares how you get that way as long as your stick thin!
  11. I am almost 33, and still get 'teased' (I call it picked on) by friends, family, people I work with etc. I'm 5'4" and weigh about 107 after 4 kids. I can't help the way I look. I also hate comments like "Who does that skinny ***** think she is?" (said within earshot of me on my first day working at a tribal casino). I've been called scrawny white *****, skinny *****, flat chested skinny *****, etc. I try not to let it bother me, but when people that are supposed to be my friends make fun of me for being skinny and flat chested, yeah it hurts. But I don't let anyone know it bothers me. I've heard men make comments about me like they wouldn't hit on me because I'm thin and have small boobies ("She ain't thick enuff for me!"). I can't help the way I look anymore than some overweight people can't help the way they look. Everytime someone tells me that I'm LUCKY to be 'so damn skinny', or whatever, I really just wanna scream! Sometimes I feel like I'm still in high school. Some women wish they looked like me...why??? I get made fun of too, and I freaking HATE it. So....the grass isn't ALWAYS greener on my side of the fence!
  12. I know this is an old thread and I found it by google'n "skinny people".Alot of opinions from family members and friends have really taken their toll on me.2 years ago I was 160lb's.A year ago I went back to my hometown to help my mom take care of my grandfather.I got a job that required me running around about 8 hours a day.I went to 118lb's.I felt wonderful!I was not trying to loose weight,I just lost it by running around and eating all day.I am posting this thread because I have been hurt by so many people,friends and family,and their opinions regarding my wight.I don't need someone telling me I need to eat because I eat all day.Don't ask me if I have been smoking crack because I don't use drugs,and don't tell someone else to make me eat.If any of my friends and family spent as much time with me as they do talking sh** to my face or behind my back then they wouldn't say these things.I had run away only to face this problem with my boyfriends family.I have told everyone to keep their opinions regarding my weight to themselves.Sensitivity is death and just because one is sensitive does not give anyone the right to be insensitive.I am no longer running from this problem.