when your water breaks....

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  1. you do what exactly? my water has never broken on it's own. it had to be popped both time [i was induced] but i want to let it come on naturally this time around. i know about the whole 24 hr thing [infection and all]. but do you use a pad to help catch the lil gushes/trickles of water that are left? if not a pad then what? do you go to the hospital right after it breaks or do you wait for the contractions to be close together and regular?
  2. With my two inductions my water was broken, but with my two homebirths my water didn't break until right before I had to push, which is great because it makes labor much easier! I have heard that it is not as common as we think for the water to break before contractions start, that if left alone, it is more likely to break before pushing. But if it does break before then, it depends how much is coming out as to what you use. Some women only have a little trickle while others gush! Keep some old towels on hand to sit on in the car just in case! As for your other question; I would personally wait until labor is in full swing before going to the hospital, but that's just me. I would not want to be immediately hooked up to pitocin and what not just because my water is broken and labor hasn't started yet. You need to find out what your OB prefers to do in situations like these. Obviously, don't put ANYTHING in your va-jay-jay if your water breaks, and don't take a bath. You can buy square pads at the drugstore to sit on if you like to save your furniture, my midwife calls them chux pads I think, but they're called something different, memory is escaping me right now...
  3. ok, thanks for the info. i thought about that too [water not breaking until it was time to push]. my last induction i was fully dilated getting ready to push and my water still hadn't broken, so my doc did it for me.
  4. I went to the hospital because I was sure if it was my water or not since it was very,very light. It was and I was admitted. I really didn't think my water had broken.
  5. I have never had my water break until the head was coming out; even with the van delivery of #6, my water broke mere seconds before she was born.
  6. the general rule for most places is you go to the hospital if you water breaks. most will keep you in some will send you home though.
  7. Most dr.s want to at least check you when your water breaks. But as for when delivery will follow, that is different for everyone. I have friends who had their babies mere minutes after their water broke and others who had their water break when their labor began. I was induced, so I don't know how I would have gone naturally. As it was, I didn't feel any pain until my water broke; serious labor started after that.
  8. my water start leaking on me with this birth, but i had no idea that it was my water. It was more like a watery discharge to me, plus I wasn't having any contractions at all. I still called my doctor after it was leaking continuously for like 15 mins, and she told me to go to the hospital to get it checked - turned out it WAS my water! I always thought it'd be a gush of water and I'd know for sure when my water breaks. lol
  9. My water broke with a gush. I tried using the extra heavy pads but that hardly contained the following gushes. I was told by my doula that I could have used some of baby's diapers as a pad since they are made for containing lots more liquid!

    The hospital I delivered at preferred us to come when the contractions were about 5 minutes apart. Anything longer than that and most likely you'd get sent home.
  10. My water broke with my last baby - in a restaurant - while I was having lunch with my then 5 yr old son and 2 yr old son. It was like niagra falls and I am not exaggerating!! It didn't stop either - lightened up but that was after I practically flooded the restaurant. Ahhh...good times.
  11. My water broke with my first baby at 38 weeks, I just so happened to be in the shower when I bent down and suddenly felt a warm gush, at first I thought I had lost control of my bladder. I rang my Dr who advised me to go straight to the hospital - I didn't stop leaking and I found that a sanitary napkin didn't hold it in, so by the time I got to the hospital I had wet pants and had soaked the car seat.
  12. ok, so if by chance my water does break i will shove a diaper in my pants...lol :]]
  13. lol i didn't know about the diaper, i used sanitary pad. i guess it really depends on how heavy/ fast the water is coming out. my water broke early and i had to live with leaking water for 1.5 weeks in the hospital before delivery :sweatdrop:.

    my only advice is try not to panic when (and if) your water breaks unexpectedly. most of the time i think the baby will be fine. however if the baby has not yet turn then be very careful as the umbilical cord may be flush out and can harm the baby.
  14. I was induced at the hospital, and after a few hours of pitocin, my water broke on its own. And it was EVERYWHERE, on the bed, on the floor! I even went to the bathroom to get rid of the rest. The nurse came in and basically started mopping up the place.
  15. That's a good point, yes, if your water breaks and you feel anything in your V, then proceed directly to the hospital. That's an emergency situation, though thankfully rare!