When your own initials are enough!

  1. A couple of days ago, I suddenly remembered BV`s slogan, "When your own Initials are enough". To me it represents perfectly what I feel about luxury, not being someone`s walking advertising space but having everything matching exactly your own personality.

    Well, here`s what I`ve done. There is this service we offer at LV, which is called hot stamping, a process where you can have your initials or other letter combinations stamped into the leather parts of the bags and I went and asked my colleagues who do this to stamp the handles on my tote bag and here is what they did (a perfect job in my eyes!)

    On one side I had my initials stamped, on the other my birth year!
    BV_05_600x600_190KB.jpg BV_06_600x600_190KB.jpg BV_07_600x600_190KB.jpg BV_08_600x600_190KB.jpg
  2. I've heard of the hot stamping, 24. It looks good on your BV. what a beautiful bag. It looks blue in the photo--is it? tell us more about it, please!
  3. How cool is that! Great idea!
  4. wow C_24, that is so nice!! I recently had my luggage tag heatstamped there too. how lucky you get to have it on your BV!! and what a stunning blue hue it is!!
  5. They really did a nice job :tup:
  6. that is so beautiful. the color and stamping are really great.
  7. Nice job! Looks great.
  8. the bag is beautiful and the stamping just added enough personalized touch to it esp. the birth year. how cool.
  9. C_24 - First of all, your initials look very handsome, great idea!

    BUT, I can not stop ogling your gorgeous BLUE intrecciato!! HELLO?! Color? It is my ultimate BV fantasy to own a perfect blue intrecciato bag! Though yours a bit lighter than I picture my *dream* bag, it is very beautiful especially against the brown handles.
  10. The stamp is a wonderful idea! It kind of reminds me of getting a tattoo of a lover's name -- committing that the bag is all yours and you're not going to sell it at some point (not that you couldn't because it is a BV no matter what) = committing that you're in a permanent relationship with a significant other.

    I like it a lot! Where can we have it done?
  11. Thank you all for the compliments, everyone!

    And thanks for pointing out my other thread, ms p, that clears up many questions concerning the color :smile:.

    As far as I`m concerned, I don`t know of any other store that offers this service, but maybe, if you`re lucky and deal with a nice LV SA (I`d offer myself, but you all probably couldn`t ship your BVs to Europe to have it done here...), they`ll probably do it for you at their store? (We`re not allowed to do that actually, but rules, are made to break, huh? ;))

    BTW, myindulgence, the blue isn`t actually as bright as it looks on the pic taken with flash (It`s not dark either, but more a medium blue with hints of petrol). The weather here`s been a catastrophe so far, so I couldn´t get any nice "In action" pic in daylight, but I will take one as soon as it gets better!
  12. The hot stamping is gorgeous! I especially love the birth year! Wah... Makes me want to get a piece of BV just so I can hot stamp something! :rolleyes:

    The last time a YSL craftsperson was in Singapore, I got him to hot stamp "Nymph" onto a piece of leather strip for me, which I use as a bookmark.

    C - you're such a bad influence! :p
  13. looks great! was there a fee?
  14. I wonder if it can be done at a shoe shop? Maybe go to a high end boutique like Ralph Lauren and ask where they send their leather goods for repair?