When Your New Bag Arrives Do You.........

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  1. start using it right away for days, weeks or months? Do you feel like since it is brand new you cannot put your other bags into rotation until you have non-stop worn the new one? I feel guilty that my new LV perforated speedy will be placed in the closet once the new Chloe paddington and Balenciaga twiggy arrive next week!
  2. I never feel guilt thats for sure. I just make sure I purchase what I can use. If you rotate them and love them there is definately no reason to have buyers remorse!
  3. My new Paddy arrived today & I can't WAIT to fill it with my things! I received the Kerala only a few weeks ago so I feel *slightly* guilty knowing that the Paddy has taken it's place in my heart but I know I'll use them both equally in the long run.

  4. That makes me feel better......I need to think long term!
  5. As soon as I get them, I start cramming my thing in as fast as I can, as if I had never owned another bag in my life.
  6. I might be the odd ball here. When I get a new bag, I'm usually too nervous to use it immediately. I'll have it in the dust bag for days and will take it out every night (after everyone is asleep) and goo goo ga ga over it.
  7. depends. some i use right away, but there was my gucci horsebit hobo in suede, it took me 4 months to take it out because i was so afraid i would ruin it!
  8. All of my new purses go through a "de-briefing" period whereby I will not use them for at least 4 days and they are only taken out for admiration before I go to sleep. Then afterwards I will use the bag for a short time once a week and they will fit in with the regular rotation of all my bags. Since I can almost use a different purse for every day of the month, my bags stay new that way.

    Lately though I have noticed my older purses oxidizing in their dustbags even without use so I am forcing myself to use them more often.
  9. I use it right away. Right now I keep switching from 2 of my latest beloved bags...

    When I talk my cousin into giving me her Cornflower City :biggrin: then it will be three bags I'd be switching from... She...gasp... not too crazy about the leather and haven't used it since she bought it a few days ago..
  10. I pretty much let it sit in my closet, because I'm with my baby everyday. I don't like wearing nice bags out with her because it gets dirty. But she'll be going to day care soon which means I can sport my bags again
  11. I've been going through a phase, where although I am still buying expensive purses, I'm not even using them at all! I've been like this for the past month and some...I've been using my cheap urban outfitters tote b/c i like the french saying on it and various lacoste bags. lol My bf is in total disbelief as he thought I would never go out w/o my beloved purses in hand...but I actually am starting to favor the more inexpensive purses b/c I don't have to worry about getting them dirty as much.
  12. I am always scared to use mine at first cause I don't want to get it dirty.....so I admire it and show my family and blah blah blah...and then I can't help it so I use it like the next day! :P
  13. Depends, some goes straight to my "too precious to use" pile and some goes to use or gets in line to be used.
  14. I use them right away for a couple of weeks. I feel guilty because I don't use my other bags then. I"ll have to rotate a bit more often. I pick my bag to match my cloths.
  15. use it as soon as possible. I feel kind of bad though because my other bags kind of get ignored for awhile. :weird: