When your having a conversation with a friend and a stranger comments.

  1. ever go to the mall or shopping with DH or BF or girlfriend and the two of you are discussing something and expressing opinions and a total stranger butts in and comments on how they disagree? I look at them like..."huh...were we talking to you???""
  2. This happens to me all the time, but it's generally positive.

    My girlfriend and I were just at Saks Fifth Avenue's shoe salon in San Francisco, and an older lady was eavesdropping (LOL) on the couch next to us, but she was so nice. She asked about our plans to move to Chicago and said we reminded her of when she was young.
  3. I've interrupted people I don't know, but for things like shoes and handbags. Not for personal stuff like cheating and medical issues.
  4. Most conversations with strangers go: "What time are they opening the store?"
    Outside opinions, I had a whole thread about some girls who interupted my DH and I at dinner. I personally could do without it most of the time!
  5. Jennifer, you must have had quite a day at the mall! LOL!!!
  6. How about when you're talking to your manicurist/hairstylist etc, and the woman next to you is looking at you (so you know she is listening) and then offers her 2 cents? grrrrrrrr.... ANNOYING!! ;)
  7. LOL....Not all these things happened in one day. I have some spare computer time and all these things keep popping in my head!!!

  8. LOL I totally admit it...I'm an eavesdropper! I can't help it...I hear things and it gets my attention and I always have an opinion. =D I try to fight it...but it just is hard to resist. hee hee
  9. I do it rarely but the other party has never been offended with what I've said. I stay away from more personal topics.
  10. Good to know! He he!!! :lol:
    To answer your original question, it would annoy me if it were really intrusive and personal, but if someone made a general comment such as about a handbag or the like, I don't think I would be overly annoyed! :flowers:
  11. Um, it hasn't really happened to me :huh:
  12. I actually like it... people from the south (GA) do that a lot. It's usually friendly and it makes me smile most of the time. =)
  13. That's happened to me a few times but it's usually positive and a real surprise. I would be totally annoyed if it were a really personal topic though.
  14. Same here. If I'm in a good mood and the topic is not too personal that's fine, otherwise a lil' too ballsy IMO.
  15. Same here:smile: