When your DH promises the kids something then sluffs it off to you!

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  1. :cursing:...OK I am usually not one for ranting or venting, but have been feeling out of sorts anyway....now I am over the edge, so please pardon my uncharacteristic vent! Sorry, long....

    So as many of you know I spained my ankle and have been on crutches, but it has been swelling so, the doctor, really wants me off it as much as possible.. It has put me in a weird funk...I am very independent person, plus I have full schedule, so being stuck on the sofa is :cursing:

    Then a few days ago, DH gets the almost 7 year old all excited...."let's have a party!! Dad has wed off, I am going golfing, so I will pick up up from daycare early and we'll have a blast!" They are whooping it up..."we'll have ballons and streamers, music and games, and lots of yummy food and lots of fun...yahoo! yippee!" Little one has been bouncing off the walls since. Then this moring DH says, "You're going to get all the party stuff ready for this afternoon right? My tee time is 8:30, so we should be home around 3:00 or 3:30..." :wtf: :cursing:

    Thanks for the letting me vent!
  2. This is irritating, indeed. Do you have a girlfriend who lives nearby that can help?.. I cannot imagine you rushing to do all this things with a bad ankle.
  3. awww, so sorry Tink!! Why dont you send him a surprise phone call reminding him that your ankle is in a cast and your in crutches etc... :heart:

    Wish I could help
  4. How exactly does he expect you to run out and get all this done when you are on crutches?

    That is terribly thoughtless of him. I guess he is probably used to you just taking care of everything and didn't think twice before walking out for golf!!!

    I am so sorry! I hope that someone can help you do this!
  5. Wow - that was a little inconsiderate.

    I hope everything goes well. It would be a shame to have your little boy's feelings hurt after all the hype.

    Good luck today.
  6. Thanks...not in a cast, just wrapped...but still!
  7. I would be super annoyed. You should let him know it isn't okay, and that he's the one that made the promise, not you, but that you'd help him if you didn't have a bum leg. That's not fair to you at all.
  8. Yesterday, I did manage to go to the grocery store (just a few things) and bank, so I guess he figures I can manage the party store today...

    I will make it work, just feeling a bit irritated at how inconsiderate he is being!
  9. I think you are totally in the rights at being annoyed! It doesn't sound like he's taking your injury seriously either - what a wonderful mom you are to make sure your son doesn't get disappointed in the end!
  10. maybe you should say it to him...

    and I hope you get well soon, tink...=)
  11. Well now... that is so fun!!!!!!!!!! That is what men do many times... sorry tink!!!
  12. You have every right to be irritated!
  13. Tell him he better haul his ass hole because it's mighty inconsiderate to be playing golf while your wife is doing all the work for something YOU were supposed to while she's not even feeling 100%.
  14. wow i would be pissed i would totally make him do it!!
  15. I would be beyond POed....and if it wasn't for the kid I'd be telling mine where he could shove his party streamers! But alas...the little one is looking forward to this....so I guess you have to do it!
    I'm sorry hun...wish I lived nearby so I could help!