When your child loses the first tooth...

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  1. My son has been a little late in the ballgame with loosing his baby teeth. He's 6 1/2 & last night we noticed his bottom front baby tooth loose. He's so excited, it's pretty cute! Just now, I checked his tooth & the one beside has started to loosen too. Just curious, did anyone do anything fun or special for the "tooth fairy" when you child lost his/her first tooth? TIA!
  2. Mine lost his front tooth, and was playing with it (tossing it from hand to hand in excitement) when he dropped it and couldn't find it. You can't imagine the pandemonium that ensued after that!

    To calm him down I had to get him to write a letter to the tooth fairy stating that he really 'lost' his tooth, and I had to co-sign the letter (so that the tooth fairy would know he wasn't trying to cheat her).

    He found a dollar under his pillow the next morning, so I guess the tooth fairy accepted his explanation!:p
  3. Aww, that's cute :p Mine is constantly messing with it. I swear he'll have it out in a day or 2. He told me he hope he loses it at school because you get to go to the nurse & get a "treasure chest" to put it in. I told him he better pay attention in class & not have his finger in his mouth all day, LOL!
  4. LOL, too cute.

    My son is 9 now, so he's past the tooth loosing stage, but when he was loosing his teeth he went on and on about how he was convinced he had seen the tooth fairy putting the money under his pillow.
  5. A similar thing happened w/my daughter. she was eating pizza, and then it was gone. We also signed an afidavit, and the tooth fairy left her a coupon for the wedding dress of her choice (at 6, little girls all want to be brides!:lol:). We went into a wedding store, and they had the cutest ivory satin dress. And, of course, they honored the coupon. They just stamped it, so you could tell it had been used. :p
  6. Awww congrats to him! When my 6 year old lost her first (a few months back), she got a letter from "the tooth fairy" written in sparkle glitter pen congratulating her on being such a big girl. She also got a pack of stickers, a new tooth brush & Barbie toothpaste.

    I bought a cute little toothfairy pillow that we hang on her bedpost. It has a pocket for the tooth and that is so damn much easier than trying to search underneath her pillow. LOL. Here are a few I saw on eBay (We have the 2nd one, which the seller may be able to make in blue if you like it):

  7. My kids each got $7 (because they were 7 years old when it was lost) for their first lost tooth...after that, it was $1.

    My daughter has a pillow that has a Tooth Fairy on it. She's holding a bag that you put the tooth in. It's really cute.

    My son just leaves his lost tooth on his nightstand on a small plate.
  8. Did any of you have to deal with the 'Goodnight Fairy' who was the sister of the tooth fairy? She gives little people a penny if they are in bed and asleep by 7:30.
  9. i still remember losing my first tooth :wtf: i can't remember how old i was though. but i was at my grandparents' house and my grandpa pulled it out! i think i got 1 or 5 old finnish marks.. it was one coin anyway. we used to put the tooth in a glass of water and it'd turn into a coin overnight :lol:
  10. ^^We'd always put the tooth in a glass of water too. Much easier for the "tooth fairy" than fishing around under a pillow:p
  11. Thanks everyone! I LOVE the idea of the pillow~ hopefully I can get it before this tooth comes out. He's eating an apple right now in an attempt to get it out:smile: Looks like the 2nd one won't be far behind.. **sigh** they grow up so quick:sad: :love: He asked me what I thought the tooth fairy would bring him & I said "I don't know but the first tooth is very special!"
  12. i was 8 1/2 when i lost my first tooth! lol!
  13. My daughter just had to have her two bottom front teeth pulled :sad:. She was so brave!! She had a bunch of shots, and they pulled them out...roots and all, and she never made a peep!!! Her new teeth were already growing in and the baby ones were not even loose!!! She was very excited, though...and got $100 HK($12 US) per tooth. That was a lot of $$$, I thought, but her Daddy thought that she deserved it after the dentist trauma! Hopefully the next ones come out on their own!
  14. Ahh my daughter lost her tooth in a painful way you can say. she was 4 at the time.
    running with kids in her grandmother's house on tile and boom she fell on her face :/
    her tooth was loose to begin with but she was suuuper upset.

    I told her to hide her tooth under her pillow once she got home so the tooth fairy can give her something special.
    I put some money + cute small barbie kid dolls in a box. I sprinkled them with glitter to make it look like fairy dust :biggrin: and I put on lipstick and put a kiss on the present :smile:
    I took the glitter and put it all over my daughter ^^
    she was Soooo happy when she woke up and I had taken pictures.
    told her I found the fairy in the room so I took pictures ..her holding her star wand *which belongs to my daughter but I guess she didn't focus lol* near my daughter's face :biggrin:
    She was very happy and still reminds me of it often ^_^
  15. Eek. When I was little I had the habit of waiting until it was about as loose as it would get then pulling it out myself (I'd say how but I'm sure it'll inspire some cringing lol).
    Then I'd put it under my pillow in this little silver bell shaped case with a tiny gold fairy on top and I'd have either a couple of dollar bills or a Barbie doll waiting for me on my desk when I woke up. Also, my mom would write a note with her left hand so I wouldn't recognize the writing..something along the lines of "The tooth fairy has been here." :heart:

    And that's an adorable story, Cat! I'm sure your daughter loved that!