When you win, do you contact seller or vice versa?

  1. Hello--

    I won my first item on eBay (an LV cles :yahoo: ) and wondered am I supposed to contact the seller or does the seller contact me. I don't want to be too pushy. I paid already last night and no emails yet from seller.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. it's in her court now. Most Seller's don't e-mail unless they have an automated system that let's you know it's been shipped.
    Most times I never hear from the Seller though, I just get the package in a few days.
  3. Hi -

    I always send an invoice to the buyer and I ship out the item once payment goes through.

    Congrats on the cles - you'll love it!
  4. Thanks, good to know that I may or may not hear from seller. I would have thought she took my money and ran!
  5. i very rarely get confirmation emails about it being sent out, unless they're paying for the shipping via paypal. and, on the other hand, i very rarely SEND out emails.
    don't worry about emailing her. just wait for your new lv patiently. :smile:
  6. I send out an invoice immediately and after payment is received I send an email to let the buyer know that I will send them the tracking info when it goes out. I usually contact my buyer an average of 3 times. Communication is very important. Most buyers pay me immediately thru PayPal. If I dont hear from a buyer within 24 hours I follow up with a request for their mailing info so I can get their package ready. People are busy, so a nice email will usually trigger payment or reminder to get payment in the mail. I have great buyers. Its rare that I have problems.
  7. When I buy and pay via Paypal, I use the message box to tell them I'll let the seller know as soon as the item arrives and promptly leave feedback. If there's anything else I need to say, I make it very brief. I rarely hear from the seller other than they sometimes send an invoice apart from the standard eBay "pay now" message.
  8. I request that the seller let me know when the item has been shipped. I tell them on the paypal box that I like to have a sense of when the package will arrive so thatI can watch for it. That's true in part, but I also want the seller to know that I'm keeping track of when they send it. So far, I've never had a problem with a seller taking too long.:yes:

  9. most sellers don't send me any emails/messages about receiving my payment... but they usually do let me know once they send out an item, usually within 1-3 days.

    i usually wait after 3 days to contact a seller, if i haven't heard anything at all.
  10. Thanks everyone, I finally did get an email and the cles will be shipped tomorrow. :yahoo:
  11. congrat!

    The Cles could be the first on many more to come :nuts:
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