When you were pregnant did you...

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  1. have any lower abdominal pain.
    Nothing too sever but like the pain that you have when you are PMSing. I'm just really praying that this is pregnancy pain. If you've felt this how early on did you feel it?

    TIA...sorry for bothering you all :love:
  2. I've not encountered that stage in life yet.. but I am sure some ladies have-- let's wait for them to show up!
  3. Yes I did both times-- how far along are you? My back pain started the first time around 7 months and the second around the third month.
  4. We've been trying to get "prego" for a while now. This cycle we were right on with timing and stuff ***blushing*** but I still have to wait to test. I am feeling more tiered than before but the main thing is that I am having pain in my lower abdomen. My doctor wants me to wait another 2 weeks before getting a blood test. So I am trying to figure this out on my own...I don't know how much of this is psychosomatic and how much of it is real.
  5. I actually had a similiar pain last 2 weeks ago. It was a numb, not too painful, but uncomfortable feeling none the less. I went to the doctor about 3 days later, hoping I might be pregnant. She checked it out, couldn't explain it when it was comfirmed I was not pregnant. I got xrays as well and they said I was in good condition even though I still felt the 'pain'. The only thing she did say was that it was probably stress that was causing this. Since then it has gone away.

    My doctor gave me some good advice though...she told me NOT to put any pressure on myself to get pregnant. The pressure and stress women put on themselves to get pregnant actually can hurt our chances. Anyhow, I went out and got the book "Pregnancy for Dummies" and it's actually pretty informative! Good luck happypug!!
  6. Get an OTC pregnancy test. They're pretty accurate nowadays. I had some abdominal pain early in my pregnancy, but it was more like gas pain than menstrual cramping.
  7. happypug & USCgerl - the two of you and I should start a TTC Purse Lover thread! LOL! :P DH and I have been trying as well, and I totally understand the whole pressure thing. It's killing me!!! Since we started, we must have a dozen people (friends, neighbors, high school pals, relatives, you name it) getting pregnant, and some of their babies are a few months old already!

    happypug - love your doggie by the way. DH and I always said if we were to get another dog we'd consider a pug, they are so darn cute! Anyway, I completely understand how you feel, trust me, I've felt every single imaginable 'pregnancy symptoms' under the Sun and I am still not pregnant! :evil: Hang in there ... it will happen, it's a matter of time now - yeah, what I have been telling myself, who am I kidding?

    OK, time to focus on purses again.
  8. Happypug, good luck! Your baby will have lots of Purse Forum aunties...
  9. How far along are you?
    PMS type cramps can be a sign of pre-term labor. Any other symptoms?
  10. I don't think I had any pregnancy pain in the beginning.. but I just had to pee a lot. way more then usual, thats how i always know i'm pregnant
  11. How long have y'all been trying to conceive?
    I know lots about this!
  12. i'm pregnant now. i used to get cramping pains a couple months back. and my back used to hurt soooooo bad. i'm 7 months into the pregnancy now and not feeling anything like that. i'm not really sure what it was.
  13. Oh,on and off for a year and a half now. Nothing seriously wrong, just a little bit 'hormonally imbalanced' shall we say. Would love to hear what you know. Perhaps we should PM each other if you don't mind?
  14. Yes, I had cramps. In fact I thought I was going to have my period. And I did "spot" for 16 days straight - starting two days after when my period was supposed to start. That was a bit nervewracking.

    I cannot imagine any reason for your doctor making you wait for an HCG test. That's cruel and unusual punishment for someone who's trying! I didn't register on an EPT until nearly 7 days after I had a positive blood test.

    I was lucky. I had already had three miscarriages, was forty, and had been told by a professor of medicine that I had a "two percent" chance of ever having a healthy child. Of course, I went out and got another doctor right away! And within a month I found myself "spontaneously" pregnant.

    But I was glad to be under the care of a new doctor. He discovered that I had an autoimmune problem that might have contributed to my previous losses so he put me on progesterone and another drug to help me keep my pregnancy. And it worked! I had a great prenancy and a super healthy, smart son. :love:

    Hope this is your month! And I hope I get another chance soon too!
  15. A few days before I found out I was pregnant, I had cramps like I was getting ready to start my period. It was kinda like the "heavy, crampy" feeling. I really thought I was going to start so I waited a few more days. Good luck! (And enjoy trying-lol)