when you travel

  1. ahh!

    i'm going on a 19 hour flight (not including stopovers) and i was wondering what to wear! i know comfort is number one when it comes to traveling, so i was thinking maybe a long fitted vneck shirt, leggings, and flats along with my keepall? :idea: or maybe sweats would do. or even a loose pair of jeans? i just need a little input. tia.

    what do you wear when you travel?
  2. I usually try to wear a comfortable pair of jeans, shoes that can easily be slipped off (for airport security) and a nice shirt. Comfortable, but well put together. I usually bring along my carry on, which is stored above my head, and a tote bag with a smalle pillow (airplane pillows are nasty), a book, water, ipod and snacks.
  3. I travel in Juicy track suits especially for that long of a flight I would sacrifice fashion for beauty
  4. For long haul flights i usually go for either jeans and a jacket or a thick cardigan (because it tends to get cold in a plane) or tracksuits. I take a change of my nicer clothes with me and change into them just before we land :smile:
  5. juicy track suits are stylish and comfy a perfect pair for travel!
  6. I like to wear jeans, a top, and a sweater/light jacket. I don't usually travel that long but a lot of people I know like to change into yoga pants. Then you can change into jeans before you land and look fashionable. I would also bring socks if you are planning on wearing sandal since my feet always get cold.

    I would also bring a pillow and anything else you need to sleep. I travel a lot and I noticed several airlines don't carry pillows and/or blankets anymore.
  7. Awww I feel your plight! I've been on numerous 15 hour flights before and well.. there's only so much snacking, music, and movies you can take before you desperately need your space LOL!

    I would avoid sweats as a whole since when you get off the plane you don't want to look like a mess.. and you can bypass skirts and dresses as well.

    I always wear jeans that have a little stretch in them and aren't skin tight but are still fitted. With that I wear some form of a t-shirt (v-neck, long sleeve, etc. tailor it to your needs) and either a hoodie (a decent looking one lol, nothing ratty) or a jacket - it depends on who's picking me up.

    Bring your own pillow and blanket - the ones that they hand out on the planes are not the cleanest.

    For shoes? It's really up to you but I would avoid anything with a heel or that requires a lot of effort to put on or take off. I usually wear Birkenstocks (the slip-on flat clogs - I think the style is called Boston) and carry a pair of ankle socks in case I feel the need to put on socks.

    I would wear minimum make-up and carry with me moisturizer, LOTS of water, hand sanitizer, and a few key cosmetics so that you can "freshen up" right before you land. Sometimes I bring those little facial towels to refreshen up my face.

    Anyways - have fun on your flight!
  8. Jeans for long flights with cashmere jumper and socks and t shirt and blazer and loafers. Short flight - smarter wear, trousers, matching jacket and t shirt.
  9. thanks, ladies!

    i'm off for my flight tomorrow. i think i'm going to wear brown leggings, a long white vneck tee, a summer scarf, bring cardigan & socks, and white flats or flat riding boots. in my keepall, i have water, snacks, magazines, 2 extra outfits, my jewelry and 2 of my smaller bags that i'll be rotating for the month i'm gone.

    in the small backpack i have my passport, wallet, camera, sunglasses, and makeup!

    am i missing anything?! oh, and a pillow. =)
  10. Just a precaution, if you are flying within the US, you cannot bring water or liquids over 3oz abroad.

    Have fun!
  11. this is probably late but Ill put it in anyway.
    I take 12-14 hour flights back and forth several times a year, I usually wear sweats/trackpants, a t shirt, slid on sandals and I usually bring socks in my bag for once im on the plane (ew not lettng my bare feet touch the floor in there) and a track jacket incase it gets cold. I usually fly back and forth between the US and Japan and japanese people are very concerned with how they look, so I see a ton of people get on and off the plane in suits, skirts, etc but during the flight most of them change into a tracksuit. I plan to do that during my next flight in August because my parents usually stop to eat and sometimes shop a little bit on the way back from the airport and I hate walking around in what could pass as pajamas.
  12. I usually wear sweats or super comfortable jeans, a short sleeved t-shirt, flip flops or other slide on sandals, and then I bring a sweatshirt or sweater in case I get cold...

    Good Luck and I hope you have a safe flight!
  13. I always travel in juicy track suit. You need comfort especially for a long flight. I also like to bring a cashmere scarf with me just in case it gets cold on the plane.
  14. I always travel in juicy track suits with an abercrombie hoodie in my purse.
  15. yeah I think Im going to end up getting a juicy tracksuit just for that purpose lol