when you travel, what do you do with your make up brushes?

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  1. I just thought about this because I saw a thread on how to store them on here but I didn't want to hijack that thread. I just got back from a job interview and I made the mistake of just throwing my make up brushes in my regular make up bag....

    well when i tried to use my blush brush the next morning, it was so deformed that I had to use a sponge. what do you do with your brushes? do you have a separate brush case? and if so, please share with me what kind you have!
  2. I have a seperate brush case that I bought from Bobbi Brown a while ago. It is a long cylinder with buttons to close it. I also have a mini Bobbi Brown Brush set that I travel with. It is the perfect size for traveling.
  3. I have a black roll-up brush bag from MAC. It's fairly light weight and depending on how many brushes you put it, you can roll it up rather snugly. I have to travel a lot because of where I go to school and this has been a life saver in keeping my brushes nice.
  4. I am in the habit of using my Laura Mercier powder brush whenever I need a touch-up. I wrap the brush part with a tissue paper & I put it in the plastic wrap it comes with & put the whole thing in my cylindrical make-up case.
  5. hmmm thanks for sharing everyone! I think I'll look into the MAC roll up case because some of my brushes are rather large like the MAC 187
  6. I have a prada make up bag that I keep all my make up and brushes in. I take it traveling and it works fine.
  7. A few years ago I bought a Mac travel kit that had several different brushes in the travel size.
  8. ooooh! How many brushes does that Mac Roll Up case hold?
  9. well gee, I just toss it in my travel makeup case with all my other makeup.

    I have yet to mess up my brushes, but if and when I do..I will definitely get a brush case
  10. I just toss my brushes into my makeup bag too. It all fits and my brushes don't get deformed.
  11. I just counted mine all up for you. There are 18 little 'slots' to slid brushes into and there is also a larger zippered pocket on one side. Currently I have 24 brushes in mine, and I'm not even using up all of the little slots yet. I just combined my smaller brushes together in slots and let my big brushes hang out in their own individual one. :yes:
  12. I have a makeup case that is shaped like a long tube. That is what I would use for my brushes when traveling so they don't get damaged.
  13. I put my brushes in a zaiploc bag and stick it in my makeup bag. It works pretty well, because I don't have any giant fluffy brishes that get damged easily.