When you stray from Hermes, do you regret it?

  1. I know that most of you are never tempted to buy a bag in another brand (except for a few Chanel or LV afficianados) but those of you who do - do you regret it? Lately I am tempted by either a (1) medium celine bittersweet in the nude color or (2) a small chloe paddington in the taupe color, both with matte silver hardware. However, if I spend @$1500 on either one of these, and then the next day got a call about an etoupe birkin bag, I would feel probably feel kind of silly. I know they are not exactly duplicative, but - I just dont know if I would feel disappointed in the quality, after carrying only Hermes for so many years. Has anyone been through this? Does anyone have a lesser albeit expensive "fashion" bag and like it? Or do you find you reach for your birkin, kelly, bolide, or lindy, regardless of what else you just bought?
  2. I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Even though I don't yet have the luxury of carrying a different Hermes every day of the week and therefore have to "resort to" carrying another brand fairly often, I am definitely finding myself wishing that each bag I had was Hermes.
    There is just honestly no substitute, at least to me.

    Do I carry other bags? Yes. Do I enjoy them? Some of them, yes. Would I torch them in a heartbeat if I could suddenly replace them all with Hermes? Absoluuuuutely.
  3. I recently bought vintage exotics that I love. I put an Hermes scarf on them. They are like my babies that I condition and love. Some are made by names i've never heard of, some are no names with wonderful craftsmanship. But I have some stunning crocs and turtles [ARRHHHH! I stop for turtles!] When I was in the H boutique the other day, a customer grabbed my plum colored croc bag that had an H scarf on it. She thought it was an H bag for sale that i was looking at on the countertop. ANd she grabbed it right away from under my nose!
    I look at it as rescuing something of beauty and worth, not being disloyal to H. I would never waste money on any other bag, though. H or vintage exotic.
    Take that back - Longchamps or Mulberry [?] would be ok for a special use bag.
  4. Hi jedi! I can honestly say I have only strayed once since becoming addicted to Hermes. It was a LV bosphore pochette that I took to France. I needed a messenger bag and wanted the security of a zipped top so the evelyne was out. Other than that, I haven't strayed- I can't afford to! All of my $$ goes to Hermes whether it is bags or scarves or bangles.........I do find myself looking occasionally but there is just too much on my Hermes wishlist to be able to stray. But I do not regret my one infidelity! It filled a void that I needed.
  5. Your vintage croc bags sound lovely, hummingbird.

    Cynthia, IMHO the best way to work up to having a different Hermes bag for each day of the week is to just save for your next Hermes. I'm strictly Hermes, although I've been tempted by Chanel. Would you believe that when I got my first Hermes bag I actually thought I'd only want one? Foolish, foolish me.
  6. Knock on wood** I have not cheated on Hermes since I became completely addicted. It's not about cheating, it's just that I find no interest in any other handbag company. No one can compare to the quality that Hermes provides. I love the craftsmanship. Not only are the higher priced made with such love and care but they we all made the same way. I only have eyes for Hermes when it comes to handbags and accessories
  7. I've been cheating on Hermes lately and enjoying it. If anything, it actually makes me appreciate Hermes even more.
  8. ^^^^ :heart::heart::heart:24! You need to post more often! I miss your posts and all your fab photography! :yes:
  9. i feel a little twinge at the Chanel counter when i consider evening bags, but H doesn't offer that much to my taste, so what am i supposed to do, abstain??? lol.
  10. jedimaster, I think I am totally spoilt by Hermes. I don't stray from H (anymore).

    I recently went into my local Chanel store with my mother, to get a Jumbo Classic for my aunt, for her birthday, and I stared at it hard and long. My mum was going ga-ga over it, and I could tell she would love one for herself. I looked at it, and kept thinking "but this is not Hermes" .... Nothing comes close to the quality and workmanship of a H bag. And I seem to have an issue with bags that are not lined in leather (too spoilt).

    I bought a Chanel wallet for my aunt, to go with the Chanel bag. I bought it knowing it would give her great pleasure. I still love my Azap Long for myself. :heart:
  11. Oh .... I think in Birkinomics. :p What one non-H bag costs relative to the price of a Birkin, and that's very easy to help stay focused too.
  12. LOL, MrsS! You've coined a great word.
  13. I strayed for a Gucci Messenger bag when I was traveling in Italy last year. I only use it when I travel because it's lightweight, a great sling and zips at the top! Otherwise, I don't stray. These bags have cost me the earth and I'm gonna dang-well use them every day of my life!!!! LOL!!!!
  14. Thank you, MillStream, my crocs and turtles make me happy just thinking about them.
    I feel into the same trap you did. Maybe we all did, unwittingly. I thought for sure only one of those expensive sedate bags would tide me over for all eternity. HA!
  15. I strayed today at Goyard!!! And I'm really happy with my St. Louis. :yahoo: I had a gap in my collection...needed a lightweight, waterproof tote for travel, everyday. It's perfect. Now I can focus on savin' for my Kelly. :tup: