When you store your bags in your closet...

  1. ...do you put paper or something else inside to keep the shape of them?
    I hate when bag makes creases so i usually put something inside:shame:
  2. mmmm nope not for me. i kinda just toss my stuff around. if only you knew how i treat my bags at home. haha. i treat them like crap.. if it's louis, they can handle it! they're made to be thrashed! well. ykwim. lol.
  3. Yes, i stuff most my handbags with tissue paper. Most of the time i just keep the paper they came stuffed with and jut put he paper back inside when i'm finished using a bag before i put it away.
  4. yeah i do too, especially those that goes out of shape easily.
  5. I do that too.

    If i dont have the original stuffings that came with the bag then I will use old cotton tshirts =)
  6. I use clothes, but I've considered starting to use tissue paper instead.
  7. No...but I have placed some smaller bags into my larger bags because there is no more room on my shelving unit! I guess that also helps keep the shape too :idea:
  8. Yes, I stuff them with paper and keep them in their dustbags.
  9. I keep the original tissue paper that comes with the bags. When I am done using a handbag, I put the tissue paper back in and then put the bag in its dustbag.
  10. no, i don't stuff them :P
    usually i juts put it in my table/chairs or wherever available, i need my bags to be ready to pick up at all time.

    i asked them to be in full alert mode
  11. I like that LOL. No I don't stuff them but they all have their own space and not squashed.
  12. I stuff my Alma and Hudson PM ALWAYS, because they crease very bad... :crybaby:all the other bags: if I'm not too lazy, I stuff them too :shame:
  13. I have an old cotton bed sheets I use to stuff my bags, that arent in use,
  14. Only the speedy, the other ones don't get anything inside !
  15. I use cotton t-shirts too in some of them.