When you start buying $2,000 bags, do you

  1. ever reach for your cheaper bags again? When I'm deciding what bag to wear on a certain day, I'm finding myself reaching for my higher end bags - and that is making me feel self conscious and neglectful of my other beauties. I try to tell myself it's because they are newer but I'm not sure.
  2. I felt like that when I bought my birkin, I didn't want to use anything else, but as soon as the novelty of a new birkin wears off, I am back to rotating in other things again. Its not about price, its about love :smile:
  3. I noticed that I don't even give cheaper bags a second glance. I haven't carried my DKNY tote in over a year and a half. I am afraid I will probably do this each time I get a more and more expensive bag.
  4. I'm the opposite. I tend to use my cheaper bags more than I use my more expensive bags cause I'm afraid of damaging the expensive ones. I really need to stop babying them so much! (Though, the cheaper bags I use are still not that cheap - Botkier, Gustto, HH, etc)
  5. i totally get what all of you are saying...when i started collecting bags i don't think i ever thought i'd be buying a bag in the 4 figures...sometimes, when i have a moment of clarity i think "some people pay mortgages that are the cost of this bag" and i get a sick feeling in my stomach because bags, not like houses, change frequently...that's when i get up, take pictures and sell some of them on eBay...all this said while i'm waiting for a 1200 dollar bag to be delivered...that being said, my dh and i made an agreement that this would be the last bag for a year...YIKES!!!!!
  6. No, I don't carry the less expensive ones less.
    In fact, I've been carrying my least expensive bag the most because I don't have to worry about it, the kids are not careful w/ Mommy's bag! LOL!
    My priciest bag is a Chanel and $2600 and I also own 2 other Chanels right at the $2k mark, but I've been carrying my LV BH mostly.
  7. I don't quite have any bags any the $2000 range but now that I have purchased a Louis and a Gucci in the last five months I kinda snub my Dooney and Bourke and Coach bags. But on the other hand I always pull the Dooney and Coach out because I don't want Louis and Gucci to get hurt!!!
  8. I try not to think about the price of the bag - cause when I do, I feel very self-indulgent and guilty. I rationalize it by not focusing on the price but on how much I love the bag. Carrying whatever I am crazy about at the moment gives me a lot of pleasure.
  9. ever since i started buying LV's, I've hardly touched my Coach's. I've sold most of them off already and the ones I have kept, I really carry probably once every few months.
  10. maybe.... i think nomatter how much i've spent $$$ for a bag, for some fling/hard occasion, i prefer to grab my speedy first. But if it is for work or nice occasion, i tend to grab my most expensive one.
  11. I agree with Berlyn: it's all about the love of your bag. And your outfit.
  12. I really have to stop b/c for years I've wanted an Hermes bag, but always bought a different bag in the $1000 or so range because it was "more affordable". Now, 10 years later, I still don't have my Hermes but have probably spent around $15,000 on bags I could "afford."

    Go figure! That's why I have made up my mind that I will not buy another bag until I get my Hermes. I usually wind up having one favorite bag I use all the time, anyway.
  13. I still carry my less expensive ones. Depends really on what color I'm wearing for today. And not to mention my alternative handbag when it's raining!
  14. I carry both high and low end but I am more aware of the differences in the quality of the leather. I use my low-ends more for travel and rainy days.
  15. In my collection, my less expensive would be my LV bags and I still carry them.