When you SO wants a dog and you don't

  1. The SO's family has had dogs forever. He now wants us to get a dog since he thinks it would make a great part of the family and a good pet.

    The problem is, I dislike dogs. His family has this big black lab that eats off of plates, climbs into bed with us and tries to give me 'doggy kisses'. Of course everybody thinks this is SO sweet but I find it absolutely disgusting the way they won't manage their dog and expect me to put up with it.

    And now SO wants his own dog, and we're supposed to spend money to buy it, get it vaccinated, board it every time we go on vacation, feed it, train it etc. We live in a crowded area and I see all these people out in the evenings with their dog and their pooper-scooper and I told my SO that I wasn't going to do that - ever! I'm also allergic to some types of dander.

    What am I supposed to say to the SO who tells me very sincerely that he'll take care of the dog once he gets it, and I'll change my mind once we get the dog? My son's also very happy and wants a dog too. His birthday is next month, and he's been begging for a dog for ages.

    Vent over.

    What am I supposed to do? I'm only a hair away from saying "if you bring a dog into this house, I'm leaving"
  2. Hmm this is a tough one.

    I for one love dogs (but totally understand that not everyone feels this way) so I will give it my best shot.

    Have you explained to him your reasons for not wanting a dog? Maybe he isn't thinking of how much responsibility they are, and talking to him about it will make him realize that.

    Also, what about getting a small/medium sized dog? Less drool and hair :smile:
  3. If even one person in a family does not want a dog and one is brought into the household, it can be a recipe for disaster and a lot of fights. Puppies, ESPECIALLY large breeds (I have a German Shepherd at my parents house) are SO MUCH work. They have accidents, you have to teach them to crate (lots of crying and howling involved in the process) they LOVE to chew, especially your favorite shoes, and you have to absolutely love the pup to put up with it.

    If your SO is saying "But I will do everything, it will be only my responsibility" that is not really possible unless you will literally never be with the dog unless he is there. So, if you are very adamant about not wanting a dog, I can't see how it would work. Couturegrl is right though that maybe a smaller breed could be a better possibility. I know that my two Chis are a thousand times less work and headache than my Shepherd was when she was a pup. Let us know what happens!
  4. I'm annoyed 'cos they all talk the talk and once the dog's home, guess who has to do all the work. This happened one time with a FISH, so I'm thinking if these guys (SO and son) behave the same way as with the fish, I'm going to be really mad.
  5. Merika, I don't think you should get a dog because if you don't like dogs and then think you are going to be the one eventually taking care of it after the infatuation wears off, then don't get one. It should be a joint decision with 100% commitment. Just like children. Plus if they couldn't take care of a fish, I don't see them caring about the well being of a dog.
  6. I'm with everyone else. If you don't 100% want a dog, then you really shouldn't get one.
  7. I am a huge animal lover, but understand that not everyone is. Puppyhood especially can be very trying, so if you are not committed to having a dog, I don't think that it is a good idea. Even if your SO says he will handle everything, there will be times when he can't and it will be up to you.