When you sent your purse in for a repair....

  1. how long did it take until you heard something? Do they call everytime or only if they can't fix it? I sent my purse in with delivery confirmation so, I know they have it. I was just curious what the process is. Thanks!
  2. I have only taken mine into to the store and had them send it 2 times, but they always give me a paper with a reference number on it and I always get a call from my SA telling me they got it and it can be repaired ( I have only sent bags in for turnlock repair). I also get a postcard in the mail saying that Coach has received my bag and there is a number to call and ask any questions. After I get the postcard it is still a good 3 weeks until I get the bag back. It takes 4 to 6 weeks.
  3. When I sent mine in it took 4 weeks for them only to give me a decision of giving me a credit.... :tdown: And I sent it through the store
  4. I have sent a bag in twice through the store.. both times it took pretty much right on 4 weeks and both times they were unable to fix it. I received a call from the SA telling me so and that they would be sending me the letter. You can call and get an answer through JAX though and if the letter is on it's way you can use the credit before it gets to you... sometimes the letter can take another week. :yes:
  5. So if they cant fix the bag and u get credit do they send u back your bag or the credit is for another bag and what is jax i keep seeing ppl talk bout it
  6. Thanks for the replies. They just got it last Friday. I sent it myself and printed out the paper from the Coach website. I wasn't expecting to hear anything yet. I just wanted to know the protocal.
  7. i sent my bag in for repair after 3 weeks i got a call from my sa saying they could not fix my bag. I got a letter of credit for the amount of the bag plus tax. The letter also stated they would also keep by bag for 30 days before getting rid of it, since they dont make the bag anymore. but you get either your money back or the bag
  8. i actually got my bag back in less than 4 weeks!! I was so happy..it was fixed and all.
  9. I just noticed today that a stitch popped loose on the handle of my mahogany soho satchel. :wtf:It hardly seems worth sending the whole bag back for them to fix one stitch at this time. Should I wait for it to unravel more or send it back now? What would you do, tPFers? How long is it under warranty? I got it last summer. Also, I do not have the receipt. I hope I am posting this question in the right thread, I didn't want to start a new one.
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  10. you don't need a receipt, but it costs 20...i would probably wait, but if you think about it...sending it in now will cause it less damage...I don;t really know how what they do about stiching...take it to the store perhaps
  11. How many years is it under warranty? For the lifetime of the purse? I probably will wait unless the warranty goes void after some time. Has this happened to anybody else here?
  12. Stitching seems to be an issue with Coach :tdown: You can send it in now or later, Coach has a lifetime warranty on all of their products and you do not need your receipt. I would save your $20 and take it into a Coach store they will waive the fee. The biggest inconvenience is you will be without your bag for about a month. The upside of sending it in now is I had a Chelsea hobo that had a couple of loose stitches, no big deal.. yet they sent me a letter saying it was unrepairable :wtf: If I had waited then the bag may not have been available to reorder. Good Luck! :tup:
  13. Thanks, I sure do love tPF so nice people here can help me with my concerns, and a flaw like that does concern me when it's on my favorite Coach purse. (Well, maybe my bleecker flap is my fave, who knows). Why does the Coach store waive the $20, I thought they always charge $20 to send a purse in. I hope they'll waive the fee! Oh, will Coach outlet waive the fee or does it have to be a retail Coach store? So you didn't get your Chelsea hobo back, just some money? If I don't get this back I'll have to get another satchel of some style.