When you sell your LV, how much do you lose?

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  1. On the average, when you sell one of your LV items that you don't want anymore, how much do you lose? If it's not a lot, then it would be a pretty nice investment to get to use the bag and then sell it back also.
  2. It depends on the bag. In most cases I got way less than what I paid for it but broke even on a few as well. I've yet to make a profit from one.:wacko:
  3. I have heard a lot of people buy them, wear them for awhile and turn around and sell them- however, personally, I bought my LV for me and I don't see my purchases like real estate with the intent to sell so I don't know the resale but if you check out eBay, let-trade, etc...you will see what similar purses have sold for and get an idea of the %.
  4. you will if you ever sell those incredible LE bags you have!
  5. I've sold 2 lv on eBay before. I sold a trocadero 27, the larger size for a teacher at my son's school and it went for a drop over 300 and was in near mint condition, light vachetta and immaculate inside w/ crisp canvas, the bag retails for 900 maybe? anway, on eBay that is not a popular style so that is a huge loss but many would think that's a good return for a trocadero. On the other hand the mono speedy does very well and you only see a loss of 100-200 imho. I sold my mono speedy 30 last month and got 425 for it, and it was in very good condition with pattina and darkening, not excellent or like new. It also depends on month you are selling too, summer is s l o w and Nov-Dec. which just passed is great for selling at top prices.
  6. Yeah i never make a profit never .... I always seem to sell it for less , and yes it does upset me .. thats why I prefer trading .... LV just does not seem to hold its value like it used to ..
  7. I have never made a profit. Im general, I either barely break even or lose anywhere between $50 to $150.
  8. if i bought from ebay, i came out even or made just a little back
  9. You did do well with the Trocadero on eBay. I sold one similar in excellent condition for only $225. I was surprised to get that much. Although, most Troc's I've seen are in awful condition:sad:
  10. I would never sell any of my LV Bags no matter what :noworry:
  11. I know someone who sold a brand spanking new Abbesses (sp?) for $300. She said she didnt know how much it goes for.. I was like verrry smart.
  12. We have to remember that purses, even LVs, are like cars. They depreciate a ton after they are purchased -- unless it's a limited edition.
  13. Broke even on some, made profit on some due to exchange rate factor. Lost on some.
  14. I think it did well bec. I opened it up to international bidders. I generally like to keep it simple but a few international bidders emailed interest.
  15. I feel like I saw that auction for 225, I looked at current auctions and completed and that price sounds soooooo familiar.