When you see people with lv bags on the street...

  1. do you ever ask them what they got?
    when i was in hawaii, i saw people with all shapes and sizes of that brown bag, and i was SOOOOO curious as to what they had gotten!
    i think it is because if all of these strip tease threads on this forum!:roflmfao:
    does anybody wonder (or even ask?)
  2. no I think you have to respect other ppl's privacy asking would be too much...
  3. no..........thats because i am SOOOOO shy!
  4. no, but i have wondered, though...
  5. no but i do wonder when people carry little bags (could mean HUGE jewelry or watch purchase).
  6. I haven't. It's always hard to tell an LV enthusiast from someone who just walked in and bought a bag. The only place I'd feel comfortable asking someone's bag would be in LV itself :p
  7. It's usually big mono bags:smile:
  8. I had people look at me while walking on the street and a few smiled at me lol. But I would never ask anyone what they got. I feel like just getting off the street when I am with my brown bag to get it home and use the purse lol. But..ya I wonder what people get. What I really like is seeing what people buy while in the store.

    I get so excited when I see others with LV purses though. Its so fun seeing that. But I don't talk to others. Mainly people at coffee shops ask me about my purse. Its usually at starbucks - a worker will comment on my louis purse. But thats pretty much it. I know most people i know don't even know what LV is. And its ok with me. I love all my Louis' :shame:
  9. I wonder too but I would never ask.

  10. Yes, same here.
  11. sometimes i wonder.. but i don't give it much thought. i rather be thinking about what i'll be taking home next in my own lv bag. :graucho:
  12. I wonder too, but wouldn't ask. BUT I think I'd be psyched if someone asked me what I had just bought at LV so I could share with a fellow LV lover and they could ooh and ahh!:smile:
  13. i wonder too. Sometimes i point to DH telling him that I am not the only one crazy for LV. :-P
  14. I certainly wonder but would never ask, unless they looked so happy that I couldn't help but stop to ask!
  15. :crybaby: Sadly I've NEVER seen anyone w/ teh big brown bag, but i'd totally be curious!!!