When you see a beat-up LV.....

  1. .....which style bag do you see the most of? I've been amazed over the last 2 weeks at all the Petite Buckets that I've seen that are on their last leg. There have been so many that I felt the need to ask you all if you see them, too. From Target to the mall, I've seen so many poor little buckets that are so beat up and frayed and just look sad. I lost count, but I think I've seen about 10. I feel so bad for those poor bags, it really makes the lv name look bad, kwim? Anyway, just wanted to ask if you all have as many pitiful petite buckets in your neighborhoods.
  2. So funny, Texas Girl, guess we're on the same wavelength here, I saw a petite noe, that made my heart cringe, and a BH a while back, not too many sightings in my area, ... unfortunately. Beat up bags make me sad... hehe...
  3. I see Buckets, Speedys, Mezzo/Piano and Noe's.
  4. I see alot of beat up speedies :yucky:
  5. I see the most beat up Cabas Piano's.
  6. buckets and speedies.
  7. speedys
  8. I mainly just see Cabas Pianos, Speedy's, Petit Buckets, and a few Pochettes.

    It makes me sad when I see abused LV bags. :crybaby:
  9. I feel the same way.....

    Besides these bags, I also saw a few abused BH :sad:
  10. Definitely Speedy's.
  11. I've seen a few beat-up Almas... =(
  12. Yes I saw one last week also. She saw my Speedy and wanted to hide her authentic Alma. It was so tattered and it was obvious that the bag seemed to be her designer bag of choice for some years. I knew the lady personally and remember seeing her some years back with a fake Chanel drawstring bag that she carried around for many years. There are many people out there who only own one bag and cannot afford another or choose to wear theirs until it's almost unrecognizable. :sad:
  13. speedies, buckets and most of all NOE's, I see so many on eBay
  14. I don't beleive I've ever actually seen an authentic LV around here. I've seen some that were in pretty bad shape but I'm almost 100% positive that they were fakes as well :throwup:
  15. I see a lot of different styles that either should be 'retired' or reworked. If the canvas is in good condition, LV will redo the leather. I had my vintage Speedy redone a couple of years ago, it was around $200-$250 and the bag is like brand new, even got a new lock.