When you search for Coach on eBay - ????

  1. How do you search?

    For some [unknown] reason, I type in Coach handbag, or Coach keyfob or whatever.

    However, today I decided to just type in Coach and TONS more showed up for me! LOL

    I have no idea why I have been searching the way I have.

    So, how do you search for Coach on eBay?
  2. I'm usually looking for a specific thing, so I'll type in coach and the style #.
  3. It depends........

    Lately I've typed in Coach Carly but I've also typed in the style number or if just browsing just typed in Coach!
  4. I'm usually typing in something specific. For example, I'll type:

    Coach legacy leather shoulder zip (if that's the bag I want)

    Or I may do something more like this:

    Coach legacy stripe (if I want to find any legacy stripe items)

    So basically, I do a specific search to narrow down the results. :smile:
  5. I type in Coach then the style name or the number usually. Occasionally I just type in Coach handbag or Coach keyfob to see what comes up. I'm usually looking for something specific though.
  6. I think maybe it's because the default search just looks at titles and it only returns titles with both of your search words in the title itself ("Coach" and "handbag"). So if someone puts, say, "Coach suede hobo 5614" (or whatever) as the title of their listing, without including the word "handbag", then that listing won't show up for you if you search for "Coach handbag". However, if you click on "Search titles and descriptions" and they've put "handbag" in the description, then that listing will come up.

    Anyway, when I'm searching, I type in "Coach hobo" or whatever but click on "Search titles and descriptions". Or, like others have said, I just use "Coach" and the style number.
  7. "Coach" and then I go to handbags. Unless I am looking for a style number, line of bags, or something more specific.
  8. It depends on what you're looking for. If you want something specific, then I'd search Coach plus whatever that item number is. If you want more results, type in fewer words. A search called Coach Legacy produces Coach items with the legacy in the description title. I'll search Coach plus a "color" or other descriptive word like "tote" or "hobo". For a particular style, I'd use Coach "hampton", "chelsea", etc.
  9. Wanna know what I do? This is a TRADE SECRET now ;)

    I type in "coach" and I may put in "wristlet", "signature" what have you. But then I click on the "buy it now" tab and change it to "newly listed". I may even change that to "lowest price first" but not usually.

    This shows me the great deals that have just been listed that I could buy now if I chose...those deals don't stick around forever and someone else will snatch it up ;) It's great for window shoppers like me just looking for a deal.

    This is how I found my punch wristlet for 35 bucks and my REAL question mark charm for about 10...it also shows what's listed in the stores too.
  10. I guess I should clarify my OP.;)

    I wasnt looking for "help" LOL

    I was just curious how others searched for their Coach items on eBay, since I changed up my way today and found more stuff LOL .;)

    Thanks for everyone's responses!

  11. THAT is a great tip! I tend to BIN more then bid!! :yes:
  12. I click on the "buy" option at the top, go to clothing, accessories, then handbags, then choose "coach". Otherwise I'll search "coach satchel" or "coach legacy" or "coach tote". If I want a specific bag, I put in the style number. I try not to use something like handbag, purse, or bag in my search because not all sellers agree on which term to use, and I don't want to miss anything. Also, after my search, if it brings up items in other categories (like books) I just click on the category handbags, and then I have what I want.