when you return the item, you don't get tax back?

  1. okay. I bought a tivoli pm and the lining wasn't good so I returned that item to louisvuitton.com. (as many of you suggested) I wanted to exchange but they didn't have anything available. of course.
    and they didn't tell me I wouldn't get my tax and shipping back at that time.
    and now they're saying it is company policy they only give me the retail price portion back but I was never told about that when I called for return.

    is this true? I've been only using Elux and there's no tax so I never knew I wouldn't get my tax back since I'm returning it was defective. which they are saying now maybe it was defective in your standards but our experts don't sent out defective items.
  2. I am unsure what you mean by returning it to Louisvuitton.com? They do not sell handbags. The website only refers you to Eluxury.com and they usually always charge tax. I have had Eluxury.com send me a bag with a mark on it before but they always took returns and gave me a full refund with the tax.
  3. Louisvuitton.com does sell on their site now.

    Lovelove, did you buy the bag at a local store? I think you should absolutely get your tax back since you paid it...just like any other store. That's strange...
  4. ooppps! I was wrong! Wow you learn something new everyday!
  5. I bought it at louisvuitton.com and returned it to there. she also told me if I returned the bag to the local store I wouldn't get my tax back.
    I'm so mad!! she told me she can't do anything but she will contact order mgt ppl and they will call me after christmas.

    I never returned anything to the store so I'm not sure. really you don't get tax back?

    and yes.westwoodmama. Elux is really good at those. I had couple of bags were defective and I always got full refund + shipping. That's why I was like if it's company policy what about elux? also I don't understand how they can be so confident all the bags they are shipping is in perfect condition.
  6. You SHOULD get your tax back on anything that you return. Because you will, in the end NOT HAVE purchased anything, thus what is the tax for? I've never heard of keeping your taxes upon returning anything. The shipping cost is gone, sure, but not taxes!!!
    You need to get all the operator's info!! Whatever order #, return #, tax # you can get your hands on. Unless I'm completely completely wrong, they can't keep your taxes.
  7. It seems to me like it would be illegal to keep taxes on something that in essence was never purchased! I can see where they wouldn't refund shipping. That bites, but that would be based on whatever their policy is. But for tax - that's crazy!:nogood:
  8. i bought something from the states and wanted to return/exchange it in the toronto store and was told that i would not get the taxes back either....
  9. I think that's different if you bought it in one country and wanted to return it in another, since how would the store in the second country be able to get the money back for the taxes they refunded you? But for the OP buying and returning to the same place (louisvuitton.com), it doesn't seem right.
  10. You should absolutely get the tax back. It is the law in every state I know of. I am a financial controller and have dealt with sales tax issues in many states. I would file a complaint with your state attorney general's consumer office if they don't refund it.
  11. Also, I would talk to your credit card company too. You are entitled to FULL credit (less shipping of course)
  12. I returned a bag to my LV store once and they did gave me my taxes back. It is illegal in the United states to retain taxes after the item is returned. The other day I saw a women won a claim over kmart because they charged her taxes for toilet paper lol. But yeah tell them that if they don't return your taxes you are going to take legal action.
  13. That's B.S.

    They have to refund the sales tax because they won't be sending it to the state.
  14. Also if you go to the questions section in their page says they will refund full amount, it doesn't say anything about the taxes.
  15. I returned the item 15 days after I purchased. does it make any difference?
    however the customer rep told me they don't refund tax even before she got my order number.

    and yes geniepr. thanks. I looked through their webpage as well. and could not find anything about tax.