When you purchase from Eluxury do you get an LV box?

  1. Hi...I've only purchased LV bags from the boutique and was considering Eluxury. My question is, when you purchase a wallet or handbag from them, do they come in an LV box? :confused1: Thank you to all who respond!
  2. yes. all LV items from eluxury come in an LV box. and from previous threads, I dont think it matters whether you check gift box or not.
  3. Thank you so much!:tender:
  4. I read in a thread a month ago that If you check gift box,they willnot send you a Louis Vuitton box. I would call elux tomm just to make sure =]
  5. Yeah I always get a box. However, when I have ordered, I always uncheck the gift box.
  6. no problem! glad it helped :yes:

    jadore brings up a good point though, to be safe don't check the gift box option.
  7. I just purchased the sticky notes and lined paper refills for agenda from elux using a coupon I had. I received both items, which were inexpensive for LV, in the brown LV gift boxes which I was totally not expecting and did not request!
  8. I always get a box.
  9. I've always received a LV box as well.
  10. Yup! I always make sure to check the "gift box" option just to be safe
  11. If you check the gift box option you the LV gift box as well.
  12. yup, always gotten a box!
  13. I got one when I got my Speedy.
  14. Yep, I've always gotten a box and I've never checked the gift box option. :yahoo: