when you purchase a bag at LV..

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  1. ..do you always receive the box??
    My store only put the purse with the dustbag in a Vuitton paper bag!
    Could i ask SA to give me one?
    i'm so jealous when you all show yours:crybaby:
  2. the Only box i got was for my PTI wallet and i was given the box upon my request,,as for my bags,they put them into the dust bag + envelop and place them in LV's shopping Bag ...

    i guess its TOTALLY OK if u asked them to supply u with a bag for ur purchases =)
  3. I didnt get a box for my duomo just a dustbag. But I returned to the store 2 days later to ask for the box and they gave one to me no questions asked.
  4. they always give me the box :smile:

    so i get the bag, box and paperbag :smile:
  5. Thanks girls!
    i too received boxes only for the accessories..i ask me why they don't give the box as normal praxis:shrugs:
  6. I get the dust bag, box & paper bag & any catalogs they have at that time
  7. My first time purchasing LV, I asked just in case.

    It was very busy in the store that day, and my SA hadn't been the most friendly person, but when I asked he smiled nicely and said: "But of course!"

    ...and then I asked for the Christmas ribbon. haha, he said that Everybody had asked for them, and they had run out :sad:
  8. You're so lucky:lol:

  9. no they don't but i'm sure if the SA is nice they will give u one if u ask. i didnt know u can get boxes until i joined this forum, since i always ask for boxes with my purchase
  10. I didn't really care for the boxes so they just put it in the dustbag & the paper bag. I didn't know if you had to ask for them or what until I bought my BH and the SA asked if I wanted a box. I also got them automatically when i bought accessories.
  11. my SA normally know that i love LV boxes as much as i love LV pieces so she always give me one :love:

    *i actually love to stack the boxes and consider it as a part of my collection* :shame: :biggrin:
  12. with box, tags, dustbag, paperbag.......
    IMG_0249 (Small).JPG IMG_0122 (Small).JPG IMG_0274 (Small).JPG

  13. go ask your SA for one, i'm sure you'd get it:flowers:
  14. Definetly ask for one....Sometimes I think they're trying to be cheap by not giving one out (like they need to save money lol).........it should be a courtesy to ask all customers if they'd like a box!
  15. at LV here i will normally asked " can you put inside a box pls ?" then she walked into the store room and few minutes later she came out with a LV paper bag (box inside of coz,,)
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