when you order from elux

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  1. does it come in an eluxury gift box or a louis vuitton box??
  2. mine came in an lv box in an eluxery box!
  3. Yup, it came in an LV box.
  4. I did not order the gift box and it came in a LV box.
  5. mine always came in a LV box, but I think if you add giftwrap, they use both maybe???
  6. I added gift wrap and just came in LV box with no ribbon.
  7. No gift wrap checked came in a LV gift box no ribbon.
  8. I called eluxury about that last night (as I placed my first order). Basically, if you check giftwrap or not it does not matter for LV items, the difference is you get the envelope to write a message. Regardless, if you check or not, you still get the LV box. Now for other items, if you check giftwrap, you will get the eluxury box. But for LV specifically, you get the LV box according to the lady I talked to last night at eluxury.
  9. my orders have come with LV boxes
  10. my speedy and sologne came in LV gift box, but my keepall came in eluxury box.
  11. lv box!
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