When you order a Kooba (or any handbag) online from

  1. BG or NM, do you get a dustbag or is that only guaranteed in the store?
  2. Also are BG and NM the same company? I always thought they were.
  3. They should send a dustbag. I've never ordered a Kooba from them, but I got a Bulga bag from NM online, and I did get a dustbag. Did you order a Kooba from them and not receive a dustbag? And yes NM and BG are the same company.
  4. I just called my SA at Saks and yes, dustbags are included. Maybe they forgot to enclose the dustbag?
  5. I've always received a dustbag with a Kooba from NM and BG. Saks, also.
  6. Good to know, and no, I haven't ordered yet. Thanks all!