When you order a bag from BalNY, how long does it take for you to get it?

  1. Especially for us on the West Coast. What's the usual time frame to receive the bag?

    I ordered a bag from Barneys Chicago last Thursday and I finally found out today that it most likely will be here tomorrow! Over a week since I ordered. I am going nuts!!!! :cursing:
  2. I'm in Toronto and if I order on a Monday, I always have it by the end of the week. (all 3 times!!....I made it sound like my "weekly order"!!) Free shipping, too if over....$200.00, I believe it is. I ordered a bag recently from NM in NJ and it took over a week to get here and they dinged me $50.00 for shipping. Never again. (First of all the postage was $35.00 and I was charged $50.00 and frankly, umm...I'm thinking if you're paying nearly $2,000.00 for a bag, it wouldn;t kill their margin to eat the shipping, but that's me being crotchety!!)

    Just think how much more you'll enjoy the delivery when it finally arrives!! (okay, I know it doesn't work that way...)

    Let us know when you get it!!
  3. Sounds like your wait is almost over, so hang in there. And you can choose how quickly you'd like to receive a bag from Balenciaga. They offer several options, from next day to free ground shipping, which takes about a week.
  4. i get it in 2 days but that's because i'm in PA
  5. Yeah I meant normal Ground Shipping. I don't think I wanna spend anymore money for shipping.
  6. from BalNY, it's taken anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks. depending on how eager you are, might be worth the extra $30 to get it next day:smile:
  7. I ordered from BalNY, and I got it in one day....I'm in NJ.
  8. BalNY takes about a week to get to the west coast .. they use UPS ground shipping... snail mail.... :smash:
  9. ^^ same here...I get my orders in about a week (guess it's one of the downsides of living on the west coast)
  10. I got my order from them in about 3 days. I am in the midwest though. That was regular ground shipping. What did you order if you don't mind me asking.
  11. when i ordered from balny i always did the free ground UPS, it took 10 days to california
  12. Oh I didn't order anything from them yet. Probably will be ordering the Plomb Day with SGH tomorrow or Saturday. I was just curious because I can't believe how long it's taking to get my order from Barneys!!!
  13. Good Luck Star...if your anxious you might consider upgrading the shipping. Otherwise, I second what others have shared...it takes a whole week...all 7 days (sounds like it could be more on occasion). The up side...BALNY SA's know their leathers. My sis and I have gotten some great picks.:okay:
  14. Yeah another thing I am worried about because if I don't like it, I can only exchange and what a pain that is to send back. Do they send you a photo of the one that you are getting?
  15. Yeah...I know what you mean (for me returning:sad: ...that would be stressful). They do send you pics of the one they would be sending you. I ask for pics all the time. Kim my fave SA even sent me pics of an associate modeling one of the bags to give me perspective on height and fit of the bag.