When You Need to be Hands-Free...

  1. When you need to be hands-free, what LV do you carry? I guess it could be either a shoulder or across-the-shoulder, as long as for the shoulder the straps don't keep falling off...

    My favorite "hands-free" bag is the Viva Cite PM! I love it! It has a very cute shape and goes across the body, so I can shop till I drop with it.
  2. My BH..the Vive Cite GM works for me sometimes but I mostly need to be hands free at school and I need a place for books.
  3. Baggy PM. My favorite LV shoulder bag!
  4. That's my favorite bag too. So cute...:girlsigh:
  5. My BH
  6. BH or McKenna Shine bag
  7. Papillon and Poopincourt Haut
  8. most of my LV bags are hands-free :p
  9. LOL, cute typo!
    For me: Monogram Sologne!
    And the Damier Soho.
  10. right now I'm loving my sophie with the long strap.
  11. Popincourt haut ! :yes:
  12. Like XoAKIxo, I've been addicted to my Sophie with the long strap!
  13. pochette, papillon,
  14. All of my purses are hands free since I have straps for my Speedys & Deauville, and then I have a BH and Petit Noe. So, I use all of them!
  15. Mono Montsouris Backpack GM or Thompson Street Vernis