When you love something, you just have to have it in multiple colours, right?

  1. I've lost it. I've finally gone over the edge:nuts:
  2. well????:drool:
    show us the goods...:yahoo:
  3. Lol!
  4. come on...don't be shy:love:
    :woohoo::flowers:pretty please!
  5. Oh dear, MsReya. I think you may be just a bit confused. I think it's supposed to go "When you love something, set it free."

    So just go ahead and set those boxes free.
  6. free those birds
    Oh that's wrong...:shame:
  7. SHOW us!!!!:smile:
  8. Right, so let's see those yummies, please.
  9. UPS totally outdid themselves, as well. The boxes were in my sweaty little hands in less than 24 hours after I had uttered my credit card number to the store manager over the phone :tup:
  10. NIICCCEEE...:supacool:
  11. Open sesame...:confused1:
    Open up buttercup...:okay:
    oh pitty pitty pleez..:tup:
    OMG do it:woohoo:
  12. I like quickies :shame: when unveiling new goodies in this thread :p you naughty girls :graucho:
    so here comes:
  13. That is MOST definitely my policy! The more the merrier! Do tell!!
  14. The black and the brown colorway? I love both!
  15. Bellisimo...
    I love them!
    I own 1 H item and it's a scarf. Unfortunately I rarely wear it b/c I don't know how.:shame:
    Action pics for inspiration, please.