When you look at yourself in the mirror, what's the first thing you look at?

  1. Definitely my hair. I never know what it will have decided to do.
  2. My big fat stomach! I hate it!
  3. I try not to look in a mirror :wtf:
  4. I'm like riff...I try not to look in the mirror. This is the reason why I feel uncomfortable in stores where there are full length mirrors everywhere. I can't stand it!
  5. Lately, my hair, because I am way overdue for a visit to my Hair Design Artist!
  6. ^same for me, Shimma!

    Mine is on vacation for another TWO WEEKS!!!!! I don't know if I can hold out for another 2 weeks...I'm tempted to trim the tips myself, lol :shame:
  7. Put the scissors down and step away from comb - you know you will only regret the results.
  8. My hair.
  9. My hair cos its curly :smile:
  10. My eyes(gotta make sure my mascara hasnt made me look like a raccoon)....then my hair...then I smile in the mirror to make sure I dont have anything in my teethers, then I go down to see how my ass looks in whatever I decided to wear that day:nuts:
  11. my face ...i don't want to see any blemishes
  12. I look at my eyes and hair.
  13. My skin. Its really dry so I check that almost obsessively. I hate dry patches :crybaby:

    I also need to make sure that my makeup hasn't disappeared or that the dark circles haven't decided to come out of hiding
  14. My upper lip. I always feel like I have dark moustache.
  15. Eyes and Hair :hysteric: