When you log in the TPF........

  1. Where do you head to first?...lol

    I just noticed that when I log in I have a pattern....lol. I usually check the Deals and Steals Board first because I'm always shopping...lol. I also will post a great deal (coupon code) I've found from time to time.

    Then I go to the LV forum and just read for a few seconds if there are any interesting threads. I love seeing people excited with pics of their new bags!
    I've recently been reading the Hermes board when I have a few moments. I'm planning to purchase a Kelly Bag at some point so I'm just getting all of the information I can and I enjoy looking at all of the pictures of the beautiful bags!

    Then I come down to the General board. I find that I'm on the General Board the most but I do look at the Money board (I'm in finance...I can't resist...LOL), the Health and Fitness Board, I will glance at the Celebrity Board. I sometimes visit the Wardrobe board and Jewelry Boards.

    I don't visit any other boards.......Oh the Game Board...Like those sometimes...lol

    What's your 'pattern'? What are your favorite boards?
  2. Always the main board first to see if my PEEPS are on, then straight to new posts.
  3. straight to LV, then the wardrobe, general and beauty bar.
  4. Jewels - GD - Celebs - MP and anywhere else if I have the time. Also if I'm after a certain bag I'll hover around that forum for a while.
  5. General Discussion always
  6. General Discussion

    Then I head over to Health & Fitness, then to Louis Vuitton, then to the Hermes just to peek and see what's going on there, and then I just kinda float around the new posts section :smile:
  7. it really depends... usually general discussion, but not always.
  8. initially it was MJ then GD

    now i just head straight to the playground and I'm usually here most of the time sinceyou gals are so much fun!!! I start off at GD and then make my way down to beauty bar, health section, and occassionally the kitchen and animalicious and money sections =)
  9. general discussions, celebrity section, money talk then deals and steals, then health n fitness
  10. For the most part, this is the order I hit up.. Games, MP, back to Games, then over to LV.. then it's all random after that. :p
  11. new posts, general discussion, wardrobe, then whatever I'm in the mood for
  12. Coach & Chanel then general discussion usually.
  13. GDiscussion, Deals, YSL, Beauty and then jump around to other forums.
  14. new posts - louis vuitton - chloe - chanel - surf around :smile:
    1. Handbags and purses
    2. Chanel
    3. (on a slow day Dior or Fendi)
    4. Hermes
    5. The Wardrobe
    6. The Glass Slipper
    7. General Discussion